Friday, February 8, 2008

Who knew????

Who knew that my personal hair consultant would be the quiet 30 something year old man who stocks shelves and moves boxes in a local beauty supply shop in NYC. During previous visits to this bss (beauty supply store) he has asked me if I needed assistance and I would politely tell him "I'm fine thanks", until one day my frustration to find a great product left me overwhelmed. When he asked if I needed help, I rattled off a list of items that I wanted but I did not want any products with harmful hair ingredients. Perhaps the spoonful of knowledge that I spewed that day made him think I knew what I was talking about ( to some degree I think I do :-) ). It was then that he whispered " not this" as he quickly returned the product in my hand to the shelf. I was then ushered to another area of the store and it was then that the floodgates were opened. He told me about alcohol in hair products, sulfates, biotin, karite oil, and other must know information, needless to say I was impressed. He even directed me to products not sold in that store to really help my hair achieve true lusciousness.
He made some wonderful recommendations and now I'm hooked. I find myself moving quickly through the NYC streets trying to get to him before his break, with my hair products from another store in tow just to get his opinion. We move to an area out of view from his employers and we discuss my purchase. After reviewing my selection and examining my tresses, he tells me if I have made a good choice.
He doesn't know it yet but he has become my official hair care specialist.
Who gives you great hair advice?????


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Junkie Diva,
I was clueless about my hair and would simply wash it and sometimes I'd even skip the deep conditioning (the horror!) I really did hate washing my hair. A few months ago a good friend of mine introduced me to the world of phyto which opened up the door to so many other products I can use to keep my hair looking healthy and beautiful. Since then I've been asking her for advice and I've purchased a lot of products to start my quest to get my hair growing! Now I enjoy washing my hair.

It also helps to read information online on blogs such as yours to really help people to make the right choices about hair care and much more! Your blog is great! My friend told me about it. She’s awesome!

Ms. Speech Girl

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Ms. Speech Girl

Thanks for reading my blog. This site will only get better, there are so many things I want to bring to everyone...stay tuned.

Robin said...

Okay, girl. Spill it. What did he recommend?? I think your post about trusting your own instincts rings true. I always went to hairdressers who said "Your hair is damaged. Unless you let me trim (read-CUT) it, it won't grow." Absolute rubbish. It may have some damage, but my hair is now just past my sholders. This stuff about cutting your hair making it grow is just that...STUFF. Your hair isn't grass. Cutting the ends doesn't signal it to grow. Also, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that split ends will make the entire shaft split. They look bad, and make your hair frizzy looking, but the rest is propaganda. I would love to hear product recommendations from you.

Product Junkie Queen said...

Hey Robin,
Yes there are so many hair myths around and people just believe them. I was told many of the same things that you mentioned "cut your hair to make it grow" as if one end of the hair is communicating with the other end. Hey they just cut me down here…oh ok then we will shoot more hair out of your scalp…just ridiculous. Through research and proper hair care I have discovered the truth in many areas. One recommendation made by the gentleman in the store was the Jane Cater nourishing cream which I do LOVE. He was also encouraging me to move away from sulfate shampoos…I will certainly do other posts on products he has recommended. He actually hates the Organic Root Stimulator line and he asked me not to purchase any of their products. However, being the woman that I am :-), I made an Organic Root simulator purchase and it was terrible..I will post that review soon.
Thanks for reading Robin.
Product Junkie Queen