Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Follow your instincts

Once while watching a talk show, the guests were speaking about following your instincts. If you feel a person is there to harm you, don't stick around, follow your instincts and flee. Great advice, so why didn't I apply that principal when making a beauty related purchase?
During just about every trip to Sephora I would pass the Rene Furterer section and read the product ingredients, as if I had not read them a million times before. I would dispense a little of the product and rub it between my fingers like a discerning consumer, but something would always cause me to put the product down and move on to something else. Well one day I was given a gift card from a dear pal and you already know that gift cards give you the power to make a purchase that you may not have otherwise made yourself. I knew exactly what I was going to get because I had been eyeing the Karite No Rinse Nutritive Concentrate by Rene Furterer. This is a karite oil and vitamin b5 infused moisturizer designed to revitalize and repair dry hair. Your hair should be soft and shiny (you already know I am a sucker for shine).
The Moment of Truth
I got it home tried it and it went on smooth but once it dried my hair was stiff I mean really stiff, like 90's hair gel stiff. At that moment I didn't care about shine or vitamin b5 I just wanted that crunchy mess out of my hair.
Curiosity killed the Cat but SATISFACTION brought it back

Because I can be a sucker for punishment I must admit that after getting my touch up I decided to apply a little of the product on my hair and it was not bad. My hair was not hard at all after it dried so that was good. I really want to love karite oil because of its many benefits, but sometimes something just isn't for you. I want a product that can work well with my hair when I am 3 days post touch up or 10 weeks. Although this is not a product that I will ever purchase again, gift card or not I don’t think it is deserving of the skip it files because it did work properly on my freshly permed hair.
Now that I have rid myself of my curiosity of Rene Furterer products, I can just follow my instincts and walk on by.
Karite No Rinse Nutritive Concentrate is priced at $26.00 for a 3.4 oz bottle.
Have you tried any Rene Furterer items? If so please share your experience.

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