Saturday, February 2, 2008

I wanted to love it.

A hair sheet that combines wild orchid extract and amino acids to add weightless shine to my hair is just what I need in my life. This product also claims to "eliminate the look of dry ends, calm frizzies and refresh your hair". Picture this, you happen to be out and about and you notice that the elements of the environment have your hair looking a little dull, wouldn't you want to duck in to a phone booth like Clark Kent, apply your hair sheet and emerge with shiny revitalized hair? Well I don't know who wouldn't want that, so I decided to purchase Hair Sheet from the Ted Gibson line.
Problem 1
The back of the box lists all of the great things that this sheet will do for your hair and then it states "conveniently add polish to your hairstyle-wherever you are". I beg to differ this is not a product that you can carry around in your purse and use “wherever you are”. What I pulled from the packet looked like a fully saturated hand wipe. The styling "towel" completely wet my hair to the point where I had to wait for that section of my hair to dry. I also tried dabbing the sheet on my hair, but that did absolutely nothing.
Problem 2
Once the product dried, it actually made my hair look dry and dull. I even stood under the best lighting possible to see if I could capture a glimmer of shininess on my hair...nope none there.
I really wanted to love this product but it is not worth the $25 price tag (for a box of 10 sheets). This is not to say that I won't try other products from Ted Gibson's line in the future but for now I can't stand to look at those evil sheets. You can purchase your hair sheets from Sephora.
This product is so deserving of its banishment to the "SKIP IT" files.

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