Friday, February 29, 2008

The at home spa system

Let’s face it most of us do not have the luxury of hitting the spa every week or even every month, so why not bring the spa to your home? I purchased the Carrot + Sesame Body Buff Super Hydrating Spa System. This “system” basically consists of two items, a carrot and sesame body scrub with honey and a container of finishing foam. The sea salt scrub is really nice, it has a variety of oils, honey, and these unidentified specs that are suspended in the scrub. I like the way it goes on smooth yet the salt grains allow you to really get a good scrub going on. The grains are not too harsh so you can not do any real skin damage. I even enjoyed the scent of the scrub which is a bonus.
Now onto the foam-disappointing to say the least. You are asked to apply the foam to your slightly damp body. For starters when I leave the shower I like to dry off completely, I don’t want my skin to be damp, but for the sake of testing this product I played along. Initially the finishing foam left my body with a nice scent but that didn’t not last too long maybe 15 minutes at best. The foam was also leaving a white hue on my arm until I really rubbed it into my skin thoroughly then it disappeared. The bottle mentions that you will be left with a glow after using the finishing foam and they are correct you will indeed glow. However I felt like Sho'nuff from the movie the Last Dragon, as the glow vanished from my body while I made the short journey from my bathroom to the bedroom.
I like the idea of an at home spa but this product has only two items so it can hardly be called a “spa system”. In addition, of the two products that comprise the "system" I can certainly do without the foam. In the future if I am able to do so, I will purchase the scrub outside of the kit.
The kit is sold for $48.
Pamper yourself and set aside at least one day a week and make it your spa day!
Have you ever used a great at home spa kit?

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