Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let's get ourselves together!

Have you ever seen a person who was so well put together that you couldn't help but stare? Hair perfectly coiffed, clothes that fit perfectly, shoes that make you wish you had a little change in your wallet to go shopping, only to discover this person is either living check to check or is maxed out on credit cards. Did your perception of that person change? Did you think to yourself, you may have the look but you have nothing to fall back on? Well what made you feel that way? Perhaps it is simply an understanding that to truly "have it all together" it is not all about outward appearances, rather you need to have your life in order and that includes your finances. While my site may be about all of the products that I like to purchase I do recognize that the best accessory is good credit and financial independence. I stumbled across a blog that is truly worth your time.
Please check out the blog $ Out Of 15 Cents by Mr. Keith Reed who is the financial blogger over at BET
Keith has some wonderful things in store for the future, so please leave a comment and feel free to ask questions.
Happy Blogging!

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