Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 in 1 my Foot

Two in one products scare me because a company may get a product to work exceptionally well in one area, but the quality tends to decline as they try to shove more uses out of one product. At least this has been my experience with many multipurpose products. The $14 Mary Kay 2 in 1 Body Wash and Shave is supposed to give the consumer an unforgettable head to toe experience, smooth shaven legs and satiny soft skin.
I found this product to be ordinary it is a shower gel and should not cost more that $5 at best. The claim that your skin will be smooth is true but isn't that the case with most body washes? Also, can't I use any body wash to lather up my legs before a quick shave? If you are buying this product as a body wash that you may also use to shave your legs, fine but don't expect anything extraordinary. The only thing that could have given this product brownie points is that it is described as a botanical product, but looking at the list of ingredients the aloe and leaf extracts are mentioned way down on the list of ingredients, almost the last items listed. The "botanicals” come after parabens, what a joke! This is such an average product that I am upset it cost $14 so into the "Skip It" files it goes.
Do you use anything special to lather up your legs before a good shave?


Dominican Enigma said...

hmm. I use a few things. Sometimes I just use coconut oil mixed with sesame and avocado, other times I use whish shave pump. I like my legs smoooooooooooth as silk

antithesis said...

im going to stick to regular shaving gel. these companies are doing too much to try and trick you into buying their trash!

Eliana B. said...

I agree with antithesis regular shave gel is best!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Won't be trying that! :-)

I usually use Suave's Tropical Coconut body wash to lather up before shaving if I don't have any Veet.

TravelDiva said...

Yeah, I'll stick to regular shaving gel. No need to change up.

TravelDiva said...

And hey PJD. I'm back from my mini-vacay!

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Dominican Enigma i like that idea I will try that, sounds great!
@Antithesis I am sick of it as well...yet I keep
@Eliana ok so it's two for shaving gel at this point.
@BGG I like that product I have used it before, not bad at all.
@TravelDiva WELCOME BACK ok so it's 3 for shaving gel..I need to pick some up :-)
Product Junkie Diva