Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I received my shipment from the MAC Neo Sci-Fi line. I started making a video but my battery died and it is still charging so below you will see the next best thing courtesy of my camera.
Here is the list of what I purchased along with the price.
  • Neo Sci-Fi lipstick in the color Astral- $14.00
  • Neo Sci-Fi tinted lipglass in the color Soft & Slow- $14.00
  • Neo Sci_Fi tinted lipglass in the color Supreme- $14.00
  • Neo Sci-Fi eye shadow in the color Magnetic Fields- $14.00
  • Neo Sci-Fi nail lacquer Neon 8 -$10.00

A few pics that you can enlarge will follow the video.

From left to right Astral, Supreme, Soft & Slow, Magnetic Fields

What have you purchased, or what would you like to purchase from this line? Is there anything that you do not want from this line?


PBW said...

You're spoiling me with the videos. Love 'em!

My first MAC box came yesterday too. I agree, Supreme lipgloss is fricking gorgeous! Looks great on you. I ordered a second tube, because I'll probably wear it everyday this summer.

Also love Soft & Slow. Ordered Pink Grapefruit on a lark, but it looks surprisingly pretty on. Peachy, gold.

Don't like Sci-Fi-Delity so much, comes off as bright pink on me instead of red.

Undecided on X-rocks????

Divine Blackness said...

I stared at that Astral for a minute when I checked out the collection yesterday. Wasn't sure how it would look. I typically like color on the lips, but I may go swatch this and see how it looks.

Yep, I think I want Magnetic Fields. And definitely Neon 8. Beautiful!!

I need to stop. I already have so many lipglasses.

Gorgeous haul!

nywele said...

Beautiful! I love the video you made. I am still waiting on my goodies and after seeing your video, i want soft and slow...

I ordered pink grapefruit, expensive pink, x-rocks and sci fi delity

antithesis said...

sooooooo jeeeeaaaaaalllllloooouuuuusssss!!!!!! i'm happy for your purchases but low key hating! i gotta get my hands on that astral, soft and slow, and neon 8! i might try out magnetic fields, too!. video is a great touch.

The Frugalista Files said...

Ok, I am so spoiled now with these videos. I kept wanting to see more! I'm loving all the colors. I am getting the Supreme lipgloss.

I loved how you compared MAC's nail polishes to Essie's. I used to wear MAC nail polish, but now I wear Essie.
Good work!

PBW said...

You've been tagged, check my blog for details.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I LOVE THE PACKAGING!!! The hot neon orange is too cute for words! I'd buy it just for that!

Anonymous said...

Okay, a couple of things/questions:

1. Who is that song by? Loves it!
2. How long does it take you to load videos on youtube?
3. Can you send me your new MAC collection? Thanks=)

Girl, I love those colors. I was just at MAC yesterday and didn't get anything. I will be stocking up and wearing what you showed all summer.

TravelDiva said...

LOL. Girl I have to say you stay shopping.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@PBW thanks. Yay I can't wait to see your review. That is a smart move ordering a second tube of Supreme. I will respond to your tag :-)
@Divine Blackness I like that yellow on you it looks soooo good on you.
@Nywele, thanks, I am so on the fence about the pink grapefruit. maybe I will order it, I have not really decided yet.
@Antithesis thanks and lol at low key
@Frugalista thanks, I think you will really like Supreme the MAC website does not do it justice with their color swatch. I still think my favorite nail polish brand is OPI, but I like Essie also.
@BGG yes the color just pops, it is really cute.
@Jewells 1)The song is called I Need You Bad by Jazmine Sullivan featuring Missy Elliot ( I guess that was Missy in the background). Jazmine was on Apollo as a kid and this is her now with another song of hers that I love its called In love with Another man. Love her voice, she is about 21 now.
OK on to question 2, it takes a few minutes to load a video on you Tube. I was going to put the video up through blogger but it was taking too long, also i was concerned with my video being on bloggers server. Even though my video is on the you tube server I can delete my account and I beleive you tube will do complete deletes fully removing my data if I cancel my account. (technically I know they can still recall my data even if I cancel my account so i guess it doesnt matter).
Question 3- Sorry but you have to get your these colors will look great on you.
@Traveldiva I am not buying another item until July I think because this is giving me a major backup on my reviews, so this will force me to review products that I have been neglecting. If I keep buying I will never get around to it. Oh wait there was this one other thing I wanted to purchase first..then no more..LOL
Thanks for reading ladies
Product Junkie Diva