Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday I told you that I never wanted to see anything from the company DDF after my disatrous experience with their glycolic facial wash. Well I, like any other authentic product junkie, got an itch to try their new facial lotion when I saw it displayed with a select group of exclusive facial lotions. I passed by several times and I said nope, not going to by anything from DDF but then I saw the word Dew on the label and I thought.... I like dewy skin. I purchased DDF's Ultra -Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew , it has been a few weeks since I have been using it and everything is great.
This lanoline and fragrance free product contains pure aloe vera and glycerin to really soften your skin. To top it all off I am left with a face that looks a little moist but not saturated, my skin glows but it is not overly shiny. While the shine factor only lasts about 20 minutes, your skin will stay moisturized for hours. I only need to press the pump once and I have enough to cover my entire face and then some. I like this moisturizer and DDF has really redeemed itself.
Oh I should also mention that this product is marketed as an anti- aging lotion... guess if I never look a day older I will know it is working....I will keep you posted. :-)
For $36 you can make this purchase.

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