Friday, March 28, 2008

I was sold!

I am already into buying all sorts of products, but if you couple a good product with great story, I'm sold. Do you know a company that can sell a product and tug at your heart strings all at once? Introducing the Ojon Restorative Treatment produced by Ojon.
The Product
This product is 100% pure Ojon palm nut oil which is used for restoring luster, health and beauty to hair, especially damaged hair. You can use this product as a leave in treatment, deep conditioning treatment, or just rub it over your hair to get a little shine going on.
When you get your restorative treatment you will see, as shown in the picture, that the product is hard but it melts so easily. You can run the oil between your hands but it will probably melt before you begin rubbing. I have used this product as a leave in treatment and I felt like it did make my hair softer. I would just be mindful of the amount used because it is an oil and using too much will just leave your hair a slick mess.
The scent is not delightful, it almost smells like burning wood which is why I no longer use this product as a leave in treatment. I now use it as a deep conditioning pre shampoo treatment. Some people sleep with it on their hair overnight, but I just put it on my roots and the length of my hair for about 20-30 minutes. The results? I don’t know what it does, I use so many great products that I can not honestly attribute additional shine, health or bounce to the restorative treatment alone. However, I do see a difference when I use it on my dry hair so I would like to think that it is also doing something to my hair when I use it as a deep conditioning treatment.

The story behind the product
First you will see the Ojon founder, Denis Simioni, in pictures surrounded by the little children who live deep in the rainforest of Mosquitia. Some of his pictures make me think of those commercials "with just a dollar a day you can save this child", so already the little faces draw you in. Next I learned that they have been using this Ojon palm nut oil on their hair for many years and now I can use it in the comformt of my own home. Ok here is the kicker a special contract has been developed only allowing the Ojon company to use the Ojon palm nut which only grows in that region of the world. The indigenous people are employees of Ojon and they are used to harvest the palm nuts which gives them steady employment. Scholarships are also given out to the people so that they can continue their education. When I first learned all of this I was thinking- I get to have great hair, use products that are exclusive to this line and send a kid to school.....I was sold!
You can purchase the small jar (1.35 ounces) for $21 or the large jar (5 ounces) for $55.
What is your favorite hair treatment?


T said...

I bought this. The jar I bought was $55 online. I saw it in Amazon and it promised moisturized hair.

I like it, BUT I didn't notice a significant different in this moisturizer vs. others.

I used it back when I had a perm though. I've been completely perm free for a few months now, so I guess I should try it on my natural tresses.

Thanks for the reminder!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Wow you are a natural now, that is great. Please let me know how it works on your natural hair. Have you ever tried it as a pre shampoo treatment?
Prodcut Junkie Diva

LovingLife said...

I've heard great comments about this product. Because of the price, I tried to find a comparable product with the same main ingrediant. Turns out that the family who developed the product have purchased exclusive rights to harvest the nut oil for Ojon so I couldn't find a comparable product anywhere.

Now that I know about the charitable contributions that are gvien to the native people, I don't mind spending the money.
Thanks for the info.

Product Junkie Diva said...

HI Loving LIfe,
They also sell a smaller jar for $21.00 avialable at Sephora.
Thanks for reading Loving Life
Product Junkie Diva