Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Repair your skin

Can you imagine keeping your lips and hands hydrated for 9 full hours? That is the promise given by the Sephora brand Face Repair Balm. You know by now that I always look at the ingredients, so I have to tell you that this product contains sweet almond oil, karite oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. I was impressed with the ingredients line up so I was thrilled to try this balm. For my readers that have scent issues you will probably not appreciate the smell. It isn't the worst smell in the world, but it smells more like medication than something you would want to openly dispense and apply in public. To get an idea of the smell, think a mild form of bengay. I wash my hands so frequently that I can not vouch for the 9 hour hydration promise but I do know that it has left my hands feeling soft and moisturized. The product looks like peanut butter but the consistency is a little smoother- just in case you need that type of information.
Priced at $18 you too can have soft hands and lips and smell like bengay!!!!

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