Monday, March 24, 2008

It started with a grape seed

Once a young couple learned that the grape seeds they had discarded from their vineyard could serve a purpose, they were determined to see what products could be produced. The Caudalie line was born, giving us an opportunity to own products that are comprised of antioxidants and natural oils. Although the Caudalie Lip Conditioner pictured above has mineral oil as its base, it also contains grape seed extract, fruits, and caster oil. This lip treatment may not give you as much shine as other products on the market, but it really makes you feel like your lips are being coated with a good moisturizing treatment. If you lick your lips you will get a bit of a waxy taste but more than that you will have a delightfully sweet taste. As you can see, the packaging may not be the cutest but this product is worth your money.
$12 is all it will cost to get this lip treatment from the store counters to your favorite purse.

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