Friday, March 21, 2008

Ugly As Sin

Hello Everyone I am reaching out to see if anyone has tried the special footwear by MBT. My co worker told me about them yesterday and it appears that these performance shoes are designed to really work your muscles. The design of the shoe is supposed to work your leg muscles, stomach, posture, lower back pain, and even those hard to reach However, my dilemma is that these shoes are by no stretch of the imagination cute, so I would like feedback first. ( I picked one of the best pictures but these shoes get uglier)
These shoes cost $245 but if they work I say wonderful the price is worth it. Just taking a walk in these shoes is like a workout, wearing them to the grocery store etc. Can you imagine doing a real work out in these shoes, it's like double the workout.
Word to the wise- I have read and heard that these shoes run extra small so if you decide to pick up a pair bump your size up at least 1 shoe size.
These shoes are available at Bliss Spa (the link will take you to the MBT section) and other locations.
Spring is here everyone so happy fitness!


The Frugalista Files said...

I'm frugal, but I still believe in style. Much as these are the miracle shoe, I just can't do that to my feet. I just can't. I may be vain, but at least I'm honest.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Frugalista
Beleive me when I say I understand. I am so shocked that I have not done any posts on stylish shoes since I love shoes. I hope to have my own line one day and you better believe they won't look like these mbt sneakers..LOL
Product Junkie Diva