Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lip Swatches, Enough Already and a Movie list

Here is a video that features swatches of my MAC lip products. I also swatched two covergirl lipstains and a Maybelline lipstick in the color Are you Red-Dy.

Enough Already

When I first heard NYC radio host, Ed Lover, suggested that Gabby Sidibe would wear sweet potato pants, the imagery that him comment evoked for me made me chuckle. Now I'm almost embarrassed that I ever fed into the jokes made about this young actress. Howard Stern, Jamie Fox and others have make jokes about Gabby's weight and appearance. Like Gabby's mom said, we all have eyes, so obviously she knows, like we all do, that she is overweight. So why the barrage of mean spirited jokes?
What upset me most was when I first the above picture of Gabby Sidibe being disrespectfully groped by Chris Rock as she walked on stage to accept her NAACP award. When asked to comment on the situation she said it was her fault because she is so hot Chris couldn't resist. However, she did mention that her father was less than pleased with the antics of ol Rock. Perhaps Rock though this inappropriate action was his declaration to the world that he thought she was attractive even if everyone else thought otherwise. Regardless of his intentions, no one asked his crippled fingers to caress any part of Gabby's body so why did he feel it was ok to do that? I couldn't imagine him doing that to any other actress who would have walked on stage to accept an award. So what may Chris think he could get away with this behavior? In years to come if someone where to do that to his daughters, would be he so quick to laugh it off? I was thoroughly disgusted with him. And to think people were going crazy over Kanye's award show behavior but this seemed to have been swept under the rug. Yeah yeah I mentioned the Kanye thing again lol but is this not a more serious offense?
Overall I'm just sick of all teh Gabby jokes, let the lady enjoy her time in the light and move on to other movies or whatever is in store for her.
Please weigh in.....(no pun intended)
I just wanted to quickly share my must see movie list:
1)The Karate Kid featuring Will & Jada Smith's little boy Jaden, Taraji P. Henson, and Jackie Chan. If anyone has ever seen the old Karate Kid movies you may be interested in the remake of this classic! Little Jaden looks like he worked so hard to get his moves down and he is quite the little actor. Jackie Chan is simply amazing when it comes to his coordination and special move so I can't wait to see him too. I love the range of characters played by Taraji, so count me in when this movie hits the theaters.

2) Why did I get married too?
With an island setting and all of the original characters, I am ready to watch the followup to one of Tyler Perry's best flicks.

3) Just last week Friday I saw the trailer for Just Wright. I enjoy the work of director Sannai Hamri and I have come to expect good work from her. I have to tell you that as soon as I saw the movie poster with Queen Latifah playfully nestled up with spoken word artist/ rapper Common I was thinking- HUH? I've seen Latifah play the best friend or sidekick to the woman who falls in love but she is never really the main event. In Brown Sugar mos Def couldn't get enough of Latifah's character but the main story featured Sanna Lathan. Ok Ok on Living single Latifah did have her own love story line but never in the movies. I'm happy that Sanna hamri had the good sense and foresight to envision Latifah in such a role. This has nothing to do with her rumored personal life but Latifah looks like she could take Common in a fist fight so i was concerned with the pairing of these two in the movie. Nevertheless, I think sanna pulled it off brilliantly because it works! She isn't forcing Latifah to play some girly girl (not that she couldn't do it if she wanted to) but instead Latifah plays a down home, almost tomboy who can also wear a little black dress and look great. LOVE IT and I can't wait to see this film.
Which films will you be watching this season?


antithesis said...

thanks for doing the swatches! im not puttin nothin on called "moistly". plus it's super pale to look that deep in the tube. now something called "liqueur"? now we can talk! lmao @ how happy u r w/ those lipstains!!!

i havent been exposed to any gabby jokes. maybe a couple here and there on twitter but not really. maybe the topic has been on ignore for me.

i wanna see karate kid (will probably take me niece), and why did i get married too (will probably get date to sponsor). additionally, in the non-black movie world, i want to see iron man, that tina fey and steve carrell movie, and green zone.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis, no problem lol @ your liqueur comment and LOL and getting a date as a sponsor..lol.

Amina said...

great swatches!! those MAC lippies are beautiful on you

Lee said...

Hey PJD,
Great post. Thanks for the MAC testing. There were a couple I really liked for me. Liked the Desire and Venetian... As far as GAbby S- people really need to quit. And I agree with you about Chris Rock. I can't see him doing that to anyone else. Why was that ok?-- I didnt even know about the Latifah flick. It looks really good. I like Sanaa Hamri as well, so I am looking forward to seeing it. And of course, Why Did I Get Married Too. I definitely think the first one was Perry's best movie.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Love the MAC products. I can't stand the Gabby jokes but they are making fun of Kirstie Alley just as much. I can't wait to see the other 2 movies you mentions. I think they'll be great.


justme said...

thanks for the swatches! i added desire and venetian to my must haves. we have the same tastes. i think the maybelline lipstick might look ok with liner, but you and i know that is too much work. we just wanna put it on and go! if we keep doing swatches, we are just going to make our bill bigger going back and forth with color recs.

Laquita said...

Great post :o)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina- thanks
Lee- Thanks for watching
Redbone- hey thanks for watching. Yeah i can't wait for these films to start coming out.
Justme- I know right..lol I went to the store for 5n today but they were all out. I will try again later.
Laquita- thanks so much...sorry for all the typos I was in a rush..lol sorryyyy

Therapeutic Musings said...

Girl you showing your lips, chin, and shoulders? You better calm down! Those colors were really cute! I think I'll get one!

Tesia said...

I just happened upon your blog and I came across your comments re: Gabby and HAD to say SPOT ON!!! You are absolutely right about people feeling like they can disrespect her b/c of her size. And people SHOULD be outraged at Chris Rock for his lewd and disrespectful behaviour towards her...he only felt like he could get away with it/ GOT AWAY WITH IT b/c she is of a larger size and in our society it is one of the LAST remaining forms of prejudice that is still accepted...and that's a shame.

Love your reviews, gonna have to stop by more often.


Product Junkie Diva said...

Theraputic Musings- you are too funny girl.
Tesia- Thanks so much for your comment and for reading my blog! I think we are in agreement over the whole Gabby situation. Please so check out my blog when you have a moment :-). Have a great weekend.