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Hair talk and a Sugary product review & Movie Time

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Movie Time (not to be confused with Turtle time RHNY)- NOT A SPOILER

Actor, Ralph Macchi, is best know as Danny- the KARATE Kid. I don't know about you but I have watched all 3 Karate Kid movies in my lifetime and I enjoyed them all. I even watched the not so impressive "The Next Karate Kid" which featured Hilary Swank. So when I heard that yet another Karate Kid movie would hit the market I wasn't sure what to expect. Some people were critical saying that the Karate Kid movie is a classic and shouldn't be touched. Ralph Macchi supporters (all 5 of them) seemed to agree that the Danny character is set in stone and should never be touched again. The picture to the left is one example of what I found online.

I even heard that Ralph himself wasn't too sure about his feelings regarding this next KK installment.While I agree that the Karate Kid is a classic movie I had to see how they would revise this old movie. I went to the theater on Friday night and here are my thoughts........

To Ralph Macchi I say, in the words of Omarion- "YOU JUST GOT SERVED". Yes, Jaden Smith IS the Karate Kid, he didn't just breathe new life into the KK franchise, I may go as far as to say he IS the franchise. Aside from his impressive Karate skills which he has been perfecting since the age of 3, he is a good actor. I think he totally has the crying scenes down way better than his daddy, who has been at this craft for quite some time now ( but that's another story). Ralph Macchi was not a karate kid in real life which is probably why his ending surprise kick in KK1 was no more than a modern day Tae Bo front exercise kick. Fast forward to 2010 and we have little Jaden Smith who was able to put his years of real karate training to work.

Those Smith parents were smart to start the new KK series at a time when Jaden is still young and will grow into this character. I would say they could pump about at least another 2-3 maybe even 4 more KK movies staring Jaden Smith. The story line was not too far from the original but it was different enough that you would remain entertained. Taraji of course played her part well along with Jackie Chan.
I'm not going to spoil the movie for those of you who have yet to see it but I will say that there wasn't a dull point in the film.
Side note- my theater was packed with people from all backgrounds and age groups which was good to see. I know that older ones familiar with the original movie were eager to see this film, little girls certainly packed the theater to get a glimpse of Jaden's cute face, martial artists will certainly enjoy each fight sequence and overall adults will like it too. If you support this film, I doubt you will be disappointed.
Ralph Macchi can always say that he was the original Karate Kid, but Jaden Smith clearly sits atop his theatrical thrown as the new and dare I say the BEST Karate Kid......


Amina said...

Good to see you back.I definitely want to watch the Karate Kid and had no idea he has been doing it since he was 3. wow!!
thank you for the review

Redbonegirl97 said...

I don't know why a peace of me wanted this movie to flop. My kids want to see it, so I will have to endure it. Do you know if that company has any oil free facial products?

Peace, Love and Chocolate

justme said...

hey girl, interesting. i forgot all about this movie coming out. i hope i will be able to see it. i dont think its something i would watch on my own accord until your review.

Mrs Count said...

I'm all late, but I agree with your Karate Kid review. Loveeedddd it! I was commenting on how diverse our theater was too, and everybody seemed to enjoy it.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina- thanks
Redbonefile LOL you wanted it to Ole H. company has so many products I'm not sure if one specifically features as oil free formula. At least I've never used an oil free lotion from that company. The company Boscia has an oil free moisturizer and that company produces products that are free of many harmful chemicals..
Just me - I hope you like it.
Mrs. Count- Gald you liked the film, the little guy did such a good job.
Thanks for reading everyone

beautylogicblog said...

where are ya?

Frugalista said...

Hey Chica! I missed you. Can't wait to see you back in the grind! We need you!

Product Junkie Diva said...

DE congrats on baby logic :-) I left a message on your blog.
Frugalista- thanks that means so much coming from you!