Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whole Truth Solutions & Giveaway

Hello Everyone
Here is my review of some soaps that I really like from
The owner of the shop is giving You an opportunity to win a soap filled gift bag. Watch the video for more details.

My Black Friday Sales list is in the post below which I will continue to update.


Mrs Count said...

Now you know I want some soap :) LOL

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL...are you going to do a post on all of your black friday purchases?

Anonymous said...

Well,you broke me down lol lol. I ordered from WTS this weekend and I purchased the Crouching Tiger Hidden Jasmine and Pumpkins from Poppy Seed -- I only wanted two to see how I like it first. I decided the next day I didn't want the poppy seed one, but I wanted her to swap it out for the Lavender Buds. They emailed me and said they were going to leave the poppy seed and give me the Lavender Buds free!! Yeah, I wasn't expecting that and I love that she did that. If I like the soap she's gonna have me hooked : ) Thanks for the review. I am a subcriber of yours on YT too and I loooovvveee your blog and videos.