Friday, December 17, 2010

Black Friday Haul

HI Everyone
Here is my Black Friday Haul video

Part 1

Part 2


Christine said...

Pjd. I love your videos! Just wanted to make a couple of quick points... I have ordered twice from Darcy's - one was a very large order and have NEVER received anything for free from her so I think she only sends stuff to people that make videos. Secondly ... have you ever tried BearFruitHair? I love their products! Merry Christmas!

tnt5150 said...

I've been lucky enough to receive free products from Darcy's and I DON'T make videos, but I buy from her on a regular basis.

Christine said...

I have purchased produxts from lots of different companies. It could very well be she only gives free goodies to her regulars. I'm still looking for my "staples" and so haven't commited to any set company as of yet. Although I do Love Christine Fantastic products. I like Darcys leave in, but I also love Bear Fruits leave in. Maybe I'm becoming a product junkie myself?! :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hello Ladies
Sorry for the delay.
Christine thanks so much for your comment. Even before Darcy knew about my videos I was receiving free items. I have no idea why, I just thought it was something that was common practice for her because I got something with each order. I have never tried Bear fruit hair but it sounds great and I want I have to check out that company. Do I detect a little product junkism brewing? lol
tnt5150 How are you? Haven't heard from you in a whilte :-)

Danielle said...

I agree about the MyHoneyChild. I just managed to catch that sale too.