Monday, May 9, 2011

Jumping the Broom!

Hello Everyone
I will get back to product reviews very soon, but first I just wanted to chat it up with you on the movie Jumping the Broom. This post will not reveal any movie details but in the comment section, we will likely spill the beans so reader beware.
I thought the movie was a good one, I didn't leave the theater regretting that I had paid to see the flick. I will tell you one thing, when I left the theater I wanted to head straight to Martha's Vineyard, because the scenery in the film was beautiful. Although I enjoyed the scenes of NYC it was the sun filled, ocean background Martha's Vineyard scenes that stole the show.
Regarding the plot I really thought that I had it all figured out but there were about two unexpected twists in the film. One I didn't see coming until it actually happened, which was a pleasant surprise considering the number of predictable movies on the market.
Laz, Paula, Angela, Loretta and the other members of the cast played their parts perfectly as I expected. I read that they used $6.6 million dollars to produce the film but they have already raked in over 16 million dollars!
What did you think of Jumping the Broom?


CoutureChick said...

I loved the movie especailly Romeo's character he had my laughing

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great movie. My only beef was Paula Patton's character. I felt she acted too bubbly and very similar to her character in Just Wright. Wish she would've given us something different. Other than that, I was pleased with the movie.


I enjoyed the movie and I must say T.D Jakes films hit reality and you see the point. You have your comedy and you have your serious points. I loved it.