Friday, March 23, 2012

Glo Professional Review & Sale Information

There you have it, you have had your first glance at my ashy chin area. While the skin around my top lip may look fine, the bottom lip area including my chin is clearly ashy. This is an example of how ashy my skin can be especially after washing my face.
Here is an even better picture with more ash...
In this video I review one product from Glo Professional that has helped me to combat my ashy skin. The second product that I reviewed, also from Glo Professional, is the Glo Mineral makeup remover which claims to remove all types of eye makeup.
Here is a picture of the $14.50, eye makeup remover: (4.0 oz)
Here is a picture of the 1.7 oz, $52.00 Restorative Mask:

If you don't have time to watch the video, perhaps the next picture can give you an idea of the consistency of this lotion like product.

This is what my skin looked like immediately after rubbing the mask into my skin.

You can either allow the mask to be absorbed into your skin or you can remove it with a damp cloth. I had been removing it from my face with a damp cloth but recently I have been placing a bit of this mask on my driest areas and allowing the mask to be absorbed into my skin.- LOVE IT!

Sale Information:
Right now through March 25, 2012, Glo Professional.Com will allow you to buy one and get one free. Buy one skin care item and get the second one at equal or lesser value for free. Use the code SPRINGSKIN
Check out the review below:

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