Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ShopNBC Giveaway

Hello Beautiful!

The popular shopping network, ShopNBC, would like to reward one of my subscribers with a beauty kit valued at over....wait for it.. $180.  This giveaway is a preview to their "Beautiful You" beauty weekend which will appear on the ShopNBC network on March 23rd -24th. The beauty kit that you will receive is packed with decadent beauty items from lipstick to anti-aging products. Many of the items from the televised Beautiful You event  will also be featured in your beauty kit. 
Here is a full list of the participating brands:
  • FairyDrops
  • Magnifibers
  • Borghese
  • Pur
  • Absolute Magnetic Nails
  • Silk'N SensEpil
  • FaceFX
  • VB Beauty
  • Maxius Lift Off
  • LaRocca
  • Angel Lift
  • IamPur
  • A.G.E.
  • Epione Beverly Hills
  • Epione Lash Therapy
  • Epione signature series eye cream
  • Pur~lisse
  • Suzanne Organics
  • Lola
  • Skinn Cosmetics

Mini reviews:

I have been sampling some products that I received from ShopNBC so I wanted to share my first impressions with you. I was especially eager to try some products that I had never used before starting with the LaRocca, a veagn and cruelty free line of skin care products. Two things caught my eye with this brand, the first is that their products are free of parabens, synthetic colors, fragrances, animal byproducts, mineral oil, sulfates, parraffin, TEA(Triethanolamine)  and DEA (Dithanolamine)! The second fact is that their Gold Hydrating Balm actually includes GOLD!  There is no need to adjust your spectacles, the balm actually includes  24k Colloidal gold. The gold is included not only because it is often considered to be a luxury item but because it also adds a little luster to your skin. What more could a gal ask for? I wondered what made the product this light purple color and it turns out that another key ingredient is purple corn, which is used because of its high levels of essential fatty acids. Capuacu butter, which I have seen more recently in hair and skin butters, is also among the key ingredients for this balm.
This is a  thick product, so a little goes a long way in hydrating your skin. As you all know by now, I have very dry skin, so very loose and runny products generally don't have the power to combat my dry skin. This balm is soft yet thick, it's probably the inclusion of the shea butter that gives it that feeling. This product does seem to seep into my skin, although the brilliant glow that you have at first doesn't last all day it still manages to combat the ash monster. I should note that yesterday after having slathered this on my hands in the morning, I went to wash my hands in the afternoon and I could feel that the product was still on my skin. This is actually helpful for me because so many products moisturize my skin momentarily but then I have to reapply a moisturizer even if I haven't washed my hands. 
**You can watch the video to see what this product looks like under the lid- and watch as I apply it to my skin.


You know how I love mascara, so I had to twist open my first ever tube of FairyDrops mascara. This mascara was developed by a tv personality in Asia who wanted a mascara that would make her eyes pop.  She developed a mascara that would give her doll like lashes. FairyDrops mascara includes jojoba seed oil, panthenol, hydrolyzed collagen and saqualane (a naturally occurring moisturizer). I didn't see any pieces of this mascara flake off so that already made me a happy camper.  My lashes didn't feel overly stiff, which is always a plus. Unlike other wands that feature three sections, because each curved ball is not completely separated my lashes didn't separate into three separate chunks during my application. That may sound confusing but I have complained in previous posts about wands that separate my lashes into groups, but that didn't happen here. This patented wand separated and coated my lashes beautifully. More coats could have been used to give my lashes a  heavier more voluminous appearance. Since I usually only use one coat of mascara, I would say this is a great mascara for your every day look, but it has the potential to give you a lovely evening look too.
Here are my lashes without mascara

Now with One coat of the Fairy Drops Mascara

From another angle with still just one coat of mascara:

Yup, I would say this is a winner!

Suzanne Organics
I also tried the Suzanne Organics travel kit, priced at $63, which features a combination of hair and body products. I have not tried all of the 7 -2oz bottled products but they all have a pleasant almost fruity  scent. The kit includes a shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, tanning serum, body wash, body lotion, and an exfoliating polish. I've used the body wash, lotion and a bit of the exfoliating polish. The exfoliating polish can be used on your body or face and it has tiny sand-like grains just as any good exfoliator should. I haven't used any of these products long enough to tell you of any lasting benefits but I always feel better using products that are free of harsh chemicals, all while delivering the quality that I would expect from any product. The products are not only natural and organic but also toxic free!!! The body wash with its sweet orange vanilla scent did cleanse my skin without leaving behind a film or any residue.  The lotion did its job too by moisturizing my skin, with its semi-thick consistency. The lotion contains fruit extracts and special oils like argan, olive and coconut. I do like the ability to pop these 2oz bottles into my purse and go! 
You can watch the video to see all of the bottles included in this travel kit, but below I will focus on the lotion.

Here is a picture of my ashy hand:

Here is my hand right after using this product:

If you didn't notice the theme so far, many of the products featured in your beauty kit will have a healthy twist. Stripping their products of harmful chemicals these products hope to help us all lead a beautifully clean life style. 

Giveaway Information
So how do you score this beauty kit? All you have to do is follow my blog or youtube channel, and submit a commet telling me which product you would like to try. Remember you don't have to list one of the products I have a mini review for above, you can comment on another item shown in the video. You must be a US resident to enter this contest.  If you are under 18, please ask your parents for their permission before entering this giveaway. 
After leaving your comment, (one per user please), the winner will be randomly selected and announced next week Tuesday.  The contest will end on Monday. Please contact me no later than Thursday to pass along your shipping information.  The winner's name will be posted on my blog. If I don't hear from you within 3 days, I will be forced to select another winner.
Hopefully you will receive your package in time for the televised ShopNBC beauty weekend! For those who don't win, please know that you can tune in to ShopNBC on March 23-24 and decide which products you would like to purchase for yourself. If you do buy something, or you've tried any of these products, feel free to let me know that too. 
Thanks for watching and reading.


bellanatural01 said...

I would like to try : Epione Lash Therapy
I follow your youtube channel. Yt username bellanatural01

Anonymous said...

I'm sold on the mascara! I dont wear much when it comes to make up, but i like to play up my eyes. Your lashes looked great. I want to try the mascara. I'm a YouTube subscriber...sosoulful on YouTube.

tdawkins205 said...

I would love to try the Fairy Drops Mascara!The results are awesome!

bronze-everyday said...

ooooh i'd love to try the fairy drops mascara..I'd love to try everything really but I've heard about the mascara .

carrli said...

Honey I was drooling the entire time over this package. But anywho, I'll have to say the Epione Eye Cream grabbed my attn. I think that's the first place on my face ppl would notice my age because of the bags and they tend to get dry. Whoever wins this is one lucky person.....hopefully it's meeeee LOL. Thanks NBC!! Oh this is blueottlisa btw :)

Anoved said...

I would love to try the LaRocca! I've used one of their products before thanks to a sample I received from Birchbox. I was impressed with that and would love to see what this does w/ my skin. My YouTube name- anovedpoet.

Traci said...

Hey PJD!! Thank you so very much for having this giveaway!! All of the products look awesome but when you said "Fairy Drops", I darn near passed out! lol I have heard many Youtubers rave about that mascara and I had been interested in checking it out! Also, I always in the market for a good body scrub! Thank you again girl! Oh and I follow you on Youtube and my username is Puppylion715. Thank you and good luck everyone!

sohamolina said...

i like Lola Pin-Up Pout Plumping Lipstick in Marilyn and i follow on GFC.

Holly said...

I'm a new YouTube follower (Holly Beach).

I'd like to try the VBeauty Spot Treatment Set.

latanya t said...

gfc follower
the Silk'N SensEpil

capri25 said...

I'd love to try the dermasome spheres!

Kinks Of Nature said...
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Kinks Of Nature said...

I'd like to try the LaRocca Gold Hydrating Balm. I'm KinksOfNature on YT.

nappy headed black girl said...

GFC follower here. You won me over with the Fairy Drops mascara. Those are some awesome results to not have on false lashes.

I need that in my life ;-)

Style, via Tia said...

YEA! I love giveways, lol. Clearly, I am gonna pick that mascara cause your results were amazing! I have hear about this before so now I just gotta have it.


fynewsome said...

I would like to try the acai polishing scrub.

Maven said...

Id like to try the LaRocca.

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