Monday, June 3, 2013

Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes


As you know from my previous video, I received the Influenster Spring VobBox, which included the new TaskyKake Kandy Bar Kake. This product was sent specifically for review purposes and product recommendations. This cake-like product comes in three flavors, I received the s'mores flavor. This is supposed to be the perfect combination of a familiar flavor rolled into a cake, and I must say that it did taste like a s'more.

The cake was cloaked in Hershey's chocolate, and the center filling was sweet yet light.  Please excuse the appearance of this cake, I accidentally smashed it a bit.

However, the actual cake portion of this product was dry, perhaps that was intentional to mimic the graham cracker of a traditional s'more.The cake portion was so dry that it was almost crumbling, and that's not what I expect when I decide to eat a treat that includes cake. I would have appreciated a more moist cake, that would have pulled the entire product together. 
My final recommendation to the TastyKake brand would be to make a moist cake, this was too dry to bear the word Kake/cake  in the product name.
If you're interested in this product here is the pricing information- retail single $1.69 family pack $4.49. Here is your link to the TastyKake site.
Have you tried this product? If so, please share your thoughts.
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Phyllis Bourne said...

Just popped by to say hey! Tasty Kakes, meh.

Style, via Tia said...

I love smores, it is the only reason I go camping lol