Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NOTW- Fall Collection

While browsing through Walgreen yesterday looking for absolutely nothing in particular, I stumbled upon the Fall Sally Hansen Sugar Coat collection.

I picked up two colors but today I am featuring Red Velvet because it is very cute and actually looks like crushed red velvet. The pic below features nearly three coats of this polish. This color has a metallic  undertone which I appreciate...very cute Sally! Although the textured aspect of this particular bottle of polish seems to have become more subdued with this new collection, I don't mind since I still get a bit of texture and a pretty color. As you can see I paid $7.49 per bottle, I should have waited to get it at Target but I was anxious.....ahhh the life of a product junkie.

And here is the second pic which lets you see more of the color in the bottle, along with the name of the shade. I may end up getting a few more shades from the fall collection.
What colors are you rocking now?
Here is the link to my past textured polish post.
Thanks for reading.

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Maven said...

This color is really pretty. The texture is nice too. I would rock this one.