Friday, January 17, 2014

I Tried Something New

Happy Friday Everyone

Earlier in the week I made my obligatory trip to Sephora,and as usual I tried to keep to myself and peruse the products unencumbered by sales reps. looking to help. This week I was unable to avoid the prying eyes of a woman who appeared to be a Sephora newbie. She wanted to share all of her treasures of information, but to make a long story short, I ended up booking a free facial for later in the week, today. I walked towards Sephora knowing that I would arrive on time, (early is on time), for my appointment and sashayed over to the skin care area. My doting sales rep from earlier in the week was no where to be found, but I did see a fabulous looking sales rep giving a facial to a client who looked as relaxed as anyone who has ever taken a Caribbean cruise. She was sprawled out in a reclining chair with her eyes closed as the woman massaged her cares away. I was giddy because like any woman who works and has responsibilities enjoying some pampering is welcomed. I waited patiently for my turn as I examined items on the nearby shelves. I was then approached by another employee and I explained that I was waiting for my facial, she said" no need to wait I will take care of you". I thought, ok so the fabulous woman who has flawlessly applied makeup and the meticulously manicured mane giving facials in the corner won't be handling my skin???? I immediately saw it as a missed opportunity to get that woman to divulge all of her beauty secrets, but if moving on to another specialist would get me seated faster, I was game. In the back of my mind I still had a nagging feeling telling me to just wait.
Trouble Looms
So I am taken, not to a reclining isolated oasis like the woman I saw in the corner, but instead to a stool located almost centrally  in the store where everyone could have an opportunity to witness my treatment. Still I decided not to make a big deal of it and just take it like a champ. As I mounted the seat that seemed to barely support my derriere, I carefully rested my arm on the  wobbly  table that sat adjacent to my seat. I was less than pleased with my initial experience, but I wanted to be a trooper and I told myself not to sweat the small stuff. I reassured myself that I would have a fabulous facial with an equally efficient skin care specialist! As I waited for the specialist to return I saw her walking towards me with a woman with wonky eye makeup and I thought...NO, NOOOOOOO, veer left, veer left- she can't be the one who is going to assist me. Yup, she certainly was and as she greeted me with warm pleasantries her Newport laden breath assaulted me through browning teeth. I kept thinking of cigarette singed fingers touching my makeup free skin and I cringed. She was quite pleasant but with each word spoken I found myself stopping my air supply to reject her relentless assault. Her hands were clean and she did a fair job, but I just kept thinking of what could have been as I saw the other specialist prepare a sample and send off her happy client.
Sitting there I wondered why I often get the raw end of the stick, out of all the specialists in there, I was stuck with the one who felt comfortable looking me in the eye and saying ..."All done, you look great" even though as shown in the picture below, I have white cream lining my black eye browns.....grrrrrrrrr. Cotton ball fragments also graced my lashes but I managed to get those off before exiting the store.
I am not one to hurt someone's feelings and I saw that she was really proud of her work but ummmmmm next time, if there is a next time, let's just say she won't be touching my face.
I decided to go against my gut and try an in-store service, typically I never go this route because I am leery of the sanitary conditions under which my skin will be subjected. Nevertheless I threw caution to the wind and look what it got me! On the bright side, I did get a bag of free beauty goods, I tried something that I wouldn't typically do  and I get to go home and wash my face.... **insert happy dance**
Have you ever had a facial or makeup makeover at Sephora? If so, please share your experience.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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Pascha Shepard said...

Ha ha. Nope, I have never had a makeover at Sephora. I, like you *were* leery of sanitary conditions.