Monday, May 19, 2014

WNTW Urban Decay, Melted Lipstick, Bask Beauty and More

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all doing really well. In this video I am just showing you a few of the items that I picked up a while ago. I will have more videos featuring new items coming up soon. I will also continue my favorites videos and  the curl that fro series.

Thanks for watching.


Anonymous said...

Hey PJD,

Just checking in on you since you haven't posted a video in a while. I hope that you are well and that everything is alright.


Product Junkie Diva said...

HI Lola
Thanks so much for checking in on me, that is so sweet of you. I actually recorded a video on Saturday and it will be posted this week. The summer has been so hectic that finding time to record and edit was really impossible. Now that things have settled down a bit I am back on it :-).
Thanks so much for your support.

Anonymous said...

:-) I am looking forward to watching it.