Friday, July 15, 2016

Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads


I was excited to receive the Goddess VoxBox from @Influenster, and in that box I received three individually wrapped Cutex brand pads. This @CutexNails formula claims to nurture natural nails through the flax seed and black current oils that appear towards the top of the ingredient list. This product also contains acetone and denatonium benzoate for those who care.  After seeing these packaged pads, my immediate thought was that I would no longer have to travel with a small bottle of nail polish remover because I could easily pack these little pads in my bag without worrying about any spills. I was even more excited when I learned that a single pad was supposed to remove polish from 10 nails.  So, did it work?

When it comes to nail polish I hardly ever have on a single coat, I typically apply two coats of color and one layer of top coat. Now the true test began when I opened a single Cutex pad to begin the removal process for my week old manicure.Once I unfolded the wipe I began to use one square and it did, to my surprise, remove all of the polish from one hand.

Now that I had basically used all of the surface area on the front of that wipe, I decided to use the second square of the same cloth to begin working on my second hand. Immediately, I began to wonder if I would make it through my second hand using just this single Cutex wipe. As I got closer to my last two fingers I could feel the moisture leaving the wipe. It was drying out with two fingers to go. So while it came close to completing 10 fingers, it fell short by two.

I was thinking that it would be easy enough to travel with two of the wipes to ensure proper removal. However, if I am left with only two fingers that need polish remover, I would be be wasting a new wipe each time, unless I have plans for refreshing my toes as well.  In this instance I simply doused the dry wipe with my liquid polish remover to complete my final two nails.

Final Thoughts
In the end this product did work at removing my polish, but one wipe on it's own didn't stand a chance against all ten of my fingers, but it was a formidable opponent. I can see myself buying this when I have to travel, but on a regular basis I will stick with a non acetone formula, because my already brittle nails need as much moisture as possible.

Have you tried this product, if so. what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

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Melany said...

When it comes to polish remover, I stick with 100% Acetone!