Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fing'rs for busy beavers

I am at times, that gal who seems to realize at the last minute as she's rushing out of the house that her toe nail polish is chipped. So I grab a bottle of polish and try to cover any imperfections that would be visible while wearing my peep toe pumps. Inevitably, my toe nails always seem to touch something that smudges my nails. I know I am not the only person this has happened to. Let's face it we are all busy beavers and many of us don't have the time required to manage our nails each week, so what's a gal to do? Fing'rs has got you covered with their easy to use fake nails. I have never been a fan of using glue to apply nails, but it's a part of the process if you indeed wear fake nails, right? WRONG. For all of you glue lovers out there the Fing'rs company has not left you out in the cold, because they provide you with 24 designer nails, glue, a nail file AND stick on tabs.
If you are opposed to using glue because of wear and tear on your real nails then you need to try the stick on tabs. One reader once commented about fake toe nails, and I had never seen them or heard of them so I was at least interested in the concept. When I received and email from Fing'rs asking me if I wanted to try out their product which includes fake toe nails, I jumped at the opportunity. I have to tell you that it took me a minute or two to get used to the thought of wearing fake toe nails. The idea seemed so weird but then I remembered the reader who said in her comment that she would just throw on her fake toe nails when she had events during the summer and it looked great in her peep toe shoes. Well I decided to put on my big girl pants on and try those toe nails. Can you say sold? I used the sticky tabs which I didn't think would do much of anything, but it was great! You take the sticky portion of the tab and press down on your natural nail. After carefully lifting up the sticker, the sticky part remains on your nails and you simply apply the fake nail. If you apply the fake nails with the sticky tabs the nails will not last as long as they would if you were to use glue. However, I can tell you at least two reasons why the sticky tabs are so much better in my humble opinion:

1) When the nails are finally off, they looked so good that I could have reused them if I wanted to do so I just needed more sticky tabs.
2) My natural nails were in perfect condition!
My fake toe nails lasted for about 3 days but I eventually pulled them off myself, you know I'm a nail polish junkie, but who knows how long they could have lasted.
I know you've been waiting for the entire post for this so here is my Now how sweet does that nail look? I love the short length of the nails for your toes and your hands.I also asked fellow blogger Meandering Memorandum to wear a pair of the nails for me so she again waited for a special occasion to throw them on her fingers. She was too scared to use the sticky tabs so she opted for the glue which held up nicely as she danced the night away.

The nails looked so nice on her and she also appreciated the short length of the nails. The diamond accent is really cute too, but Fing'rs also offers plain short nails if you are interested in a more tame look.
If my nails even try to look like a disaster at any point this summer, I will be sure to press on the Fing'rs toe nails and go!
You can purchase your Fing'rs products in your local drugstore.


Unknown said...

These nails for the toes really came in handy this past summer...I fell and stumped my big toe and it almost broke off completely..

Mind you it was the beginning of summer..hahahahaha..Its funny now but it wasn't at the time..These glue on toe nails got me through the

Lee said...

Wow. Those really look good. I would definitely consider them. i have run out the house like that a time or two myself.

Mrs Count said...

Girrllll, you done showed your eyes and a toe, I'm gonna be able to find you now! LOL

Mischo Beauty said...

The thought of fake nails for the toes is hilarious, but so real! They look great!