Monday, April 5, 2010

At the movies- Why Did I get Married Too?

So did you see Why Did I Get Married Too? I saw it on Friday and I was very excited to see this highly anticipated film. I was thrilled that all of the old characters were back in action! However the movie was a bit slow in the beginning for me, how was it for you? I think the whole section in the Bahamas was great just for the scenery alone but the storyline didn't really pick up until they were leaving the island. However the REAL action began stateside. There were two major twists in the film (maybe three), one of which I saw coming a mile away (Mike).
I feel like this movie was certainly left in a place where a third film could be created but I almost hope that doesn't happen.
I don't want to spoil it in this post for those who have yet to see the film but I give this project
4 out of 5 stars.
I wasn't really MOVED but the film had moments that were well developed.
I did get a good laugh in from the audience as people sucked their teeth and yelled at the screen when Janet FORCED everyone to get along....that scene was made for giggles because it was just too unnatural.
Also the way Tyler worked the name of the movie into the script was a bit clumsy. Overall I still support Tyler and I think the film was a good one.
So what did you think?
Warning comment section may spoil it for those who have not seen the film yet.
Movie Theater Etiquette
I was the last member of my party to enter the crowded theater because I had to stop for snacks :-). When I entered our row, I noticed that a seat had been skipped so I was going to sit there but I was told that I may not want to sit there. My buddy used her eyes to direct my attention to the cute little boy in the row directly in front of me. Hummm I thought, perhaps this is a mischievous fellow and they saw him display some less than movie friendly behavior. I took her advice and moved to the next seat, it was still close to the boy but not directly in back of him. Then it happened, the boy jumped out of his seat and began yelling and it was then that I saw the string connecting the boy to his aunt's arm. She calmed him down and all was well until the movie began. He had quite a few outbursts and I was pleased that no one in the theater said or did anything to hurt the feelings of the young boy but at the same time it was very disruptive.
Out of nowhere the young boy, who was probably 8 years old had an outburst during one of the important scenes which caused someone in the audience to say "COME ON NOW" I think that was directed more at the aunt than the little boy. The woman seemed really nice and pleasant so she did her best to control the child. I was able to ignore most of his releases except for one, the one that came out of his rear end. The boy began relieving himself (and I'm not talking about a release of urine) and the scent just hit me like a thousand bricks. She had to have smelled it since I did along with my party- that frustrated me because, that if nothing else was about to ruin my movie experience. It was rude of her to leave in him there so long 1) for sanitary reasons and 2) because no one else in the theater deserved that experience.
She eventually took him out of the theater and she didn't come back. When we left the theater we saw her outside waiting so was she planning on going back in to watch it again from the beginning and ruin it for more people??? It's her nephew and I don't know if she has total custody or not but couldn't she have gone another day or left him with another family member? I don't know, maybe my thoughts are selfish but I feel like she was selfish too......ok just venting.
What would you have done? The only option was to move to the very first row which I HATE with a passion.....


Just_Wondering said...

Hey Girlie, I saw the movie on Saturday and I enjoyed it. However, my sisters and I all agreed that there were some underdeveloped story lines which I am so surprised that Tyler didn't tighten up. I was left wondering about certain things when I shouldn't have. The location in the Bahamas was very beautiful!! I loved the switch from snow to beach. Some outfits the ladies wore during the beach scenes were very nice. It got me thinking about the summer lol But overall I enjoyed it.

As for your theater experience, I had a baby crying (baby sounded very NEW) in the middle of the movie. I was like Seriously....No offense to moms out there, but people will wonder why you brought the baby if its really going to disturb others. A dirty that's just not cool.

NewRibena said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, so I skillfully passed the first section of your post. When my kids were little I only bought them to their age appropriate movies. I get VERY annoyed when my movie experience is ruined due to someone else's lack of thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, you can't rewind in the theater and the moment is lost when there are distruptions.

Kenda said...

I watched a totally kid free movie, yeah me. Of course my husband is hating. He is always hating on Tyler even though his girl Jilly from Philly was in the movie.
Oh well. By the way, do you know what YOU were doing March 8th? Women you better step up your game, men are catching on!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Just Wondering- I can totally see a part 3 coming out of this movie. i agree there were underdeveloped segments of this movie.
New Ribena- I didn't spill any movie beans in the post but I certainly understand you wanting to stay away from any movie info just in I hope you thoroughly enjoy it when you see it.
Kenda- I just laughed so what were you doing on the 17th I was like huh? dang he's been holding on to these

laughing808 said...

After reading various reviews and critiques, I was able to get a ticket Saturday afternoon. Overall I'd give the movie the same rating and like you I surely hope he doesn't come back with a third installment.

I too had my movie experience disrupted due to a crying baby.

ib73 said...

I give this movie a 2 out of 5. It was a mess. The story lines were underdeveloped, he stole from other movies and shows, and most of it was just plain corney. Like really, if it's not a comedy, don't be too foolish with your antics. Realisticly, what "educated" woman would bring a huge cake with a tranny inside to her hubby's job. And did you notice she was dressed like she had just left the set of one of her music videos? I think Tyler Perry just says f** effort sometimes. And does Shelia have to be loud as heck ALL THE TIME. Huge Fail!!

Shawnta said...

I saw this movie. In my opinion, it was just okay. I was not a fan of the ending & I felt like some of the plots were random & a bit rushed.

Lee said...

Hey PJD,
First of all your version of the experience cracked me up. I saw the movie yesterday and everyone wanted to cosign and help narrate the film. Even my own girl was talking back to the screen. I almost muffed her. --Anyway, I thought the movie was ok. It was entertaining but there were some things that definitely needed some tightening. I didn't like the ending, and I agree, it looks like TP is leaving the door open for a number 3.

Andrea said...

I did seenthe movie as well when it came out and i was not impressed with it so i have to agree with you that there were some funny parts but that hole fix it crap i was like are you serious they did not really solve their problems like the first movie. The way malika yoba character got the ax i was pissed off. I hope they do not make a third one as i donot care to see it.

Now i had a movie experience like yours with a toddler where her mom could not control her and the child wanted to run all over the movie theater. the child was screaming and crying so loud that people got loud and told the mother to find a babysitter and of course she got mad but you shouldnot bring your screaming kid to the theater it is not cool and especially to a flim that is not rated g smh

Tamstyles said...

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