Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random items and The Brown Invasion

Hi Everyone
First up is a post featuring some random items that I purchased.

The Brown Invasion
I have never been opposed to the idea of seeing more people of color on television. In fact I've been saying for quite some time that we need more variety on television. As those words left my lips a crop of reality shows appeared on the scene. Let's just take a look at the list:

  • Brandy and RayJ A family business
  • Model City
  • Lisa Raye-The Real Mcoy
  • Basketball Wives (this show really needs another name, but that's another story)
  • What Chilli Wants
  • Keeping Up with the Joneses
  • Tiny and Toya
I feel like I'm forgetting a show or two but maybe this is it. Although I am happy that there is a bit more diversity on the tube, why oh why does it all have to come in the form of a reality show, that just grinds my gears.
So have you been sucked in to watching any of these shows? I have only seen one or two episodes of the Joneses and I have to admit, I enjoy watching wealthy mature people of color doing things for the community and their families with no cat fights!!! It's not the most entertaining show I've ever seen but I like looking at the clothing and learning more about how this woman (sorry I forgot her last name) is building her magazine.
Tiny and Toya- other than the fact that I sometimes need a translator, these ladies have continued on the path they started on last season. Tiny is trying to keep her family unit strong, and open a nail salon all while dealing with her father's Alzheimer's disease. Toya is working to rehabilitate her drug addict mother while housing her no good older brother who is ready to become a rapper. SIGH Oh yeah and she will be preparing her daughter to deal with her father's incarceration which is going on right now.
Model City-I have never seen men so catty while thinking they are oh so hard...LOL cracks me up every time. One model needs anger management, another is in dire need of dental work while the others have their own issues to contend with.
Brandy and Ray J- I've always like Brandy so it's good to see her on television even if it is a reality show. The last reality show that featured Brandy was way back when she was pregnant with her daughter. Ray J is an immature mess just as I had suspected. Their mom coddles Ray and the dad encourages his whorish behavior. Son I was just like you when I was your age... ummm ok so does that make everything ok???? Their dad gave Ray some advice during the last episode and he said something like this- when love hits you, you can't help but stop (something like that). He then explained that then he met their mom he was so in love that he was able to put his bad lady loving behavior behind him, then he said so son that's what will happen to you and even if you STRAY you will always go back to love...HUHHHH? Is he admitting some infidelity? Who knows but they need to put lil Willie Ray in check. When a woman asks Ray to explain his behavior it's like that's his cue to say "I don't know, I'm just so confused" followed by his large brown puppy dog eyes....Grow up Ray. I still like the show
What Chilli Wants- She has a list of things that she wants in a man, and I'm all for having standards but I think her list may reveal her controlling nature. She doesn't want a man who eats pork because she thinks it's nasty and she doesn't eat it. I think she may be missing out on a good man if she throws him out because he likes a little bacon here and there. I could totally understand if she had this rule for religious reasons but that doesn't seem to be the case here. What is a man were as disgusted with her enjoyment of meat as she is of a man's enjoyment of pork.....
She said she wants a man who is GORGEOUS yet she dated old flat face Usher, buck tooth Dallas and she is interested in Squinty eyed Floy Mayweather. Besides being no taller than an unlit match stick, the only thing these guys have in common is money. Chilli is certainly entitled to have her own standard of beauty but good grief her past lovers are a mess.
I typed something on all of these shows and BLOGGER destroyed my post, sorry I dont have the strength to retype it all now....I will get back to you all later.
What do you think of these shows? What are you watching on the tube?


Lee said...

Girl, too funny.
I haven't see "The Joneses" or "Model City", but as far Brandy and Ray J, it's definitely interesting. Ray J is definitely a mess. But he's not that talented so I guess he has to work whatever angle he can. I've always liked Brandy, but she seems to still believe she's a really big star. She really needs a GOOD Cd to get back in the game. As far as Chilli, her requirements are a bit ridiculous. Good luck finding a man with all of that. And yes, she definitely seems to be a control freak.

Mischo Beauty said...

Love your YouTube reviews! And girl, your reality show recaps are HILARIOUS! I, like you, am actually enjoying "Keeping Up With The Joneses" and I'm impressed by their premiere issue!

Redbonegirl97 said...

I have not seen The Joneses or Model City either. All the other shows I have passed on. I think I watched an episode, 2 if I could tolerate it before I said I can't deal with this. From what you said I haven't missed much.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Frugalista said...

I'm watching Basketball wives. I'm liking Royce, even though I think they thought she would be the villain in the show.

Shawnta said...

Hilarious! I haven't seen any of these new 'reality' shows but I read plenty of recaps & comments on the blogs & Twitter. I did see Brandy, RayJ & their parents on the Wendy Williams Show though.

My two must watch TV shows (now that Ugly Betty is gone) are Glee & Modern Family. I still enjoy 30 Rock, Community & The Office but I'm okay if I miss an episode or two but I can't miss Glee or Modern Family.


I'm feeling the BasketBall Wives show at all!

I love the Brandy & Ray J show..their mom don't play at all! I love that! Ray J need to get more serious about his work.

I like the Tiny & Toya show, I thinks it's cool, it keeps my eys glued to the the

I love your videos & blogs..Keep up the good work!

Kiki Pierre' said...

You are too funny! Yes indeeed, "Basketball Wives" should most definitely be called something else.. maybe "Basketball groupies who struck gold" would be a bit more appropriate!

As far as Tiny and Toya are concerned.. I see diasaster between Toya and her brother eventually... I hope not but *fingers crossed* (for her sake!)