Saturday, May 1, 2010

I was on a roll- Weekend post videos

For those of you who watch youtube, do you like the new changes? Is it the new rule that your video must end at 10 minutes on the dot? I know they have always had the 10 minute rule but technically you could go a little beyond the 10 minute mark, just as long as you didn't touch that 11th minute.
Anyway here are some videos which youtube finally allowed me to upload-ughhhhh.

The first videos- part1 and 2 focus on foundation. I don't wear foundation as I will explain in the video but I need it for some upcoming events. I think I've found the best foundation everrrrrrr.
I also compare the foundation that I like to a Revlon foundation that people seem to like, or at least that's what the commercials suggests....
Part 1

Part 2

Unrelated video- I am discussing the changes at Target and some of my DSW finds.

Godiva and a Pooka Review

Once again I ran out of time...that hair video is coming later today without question :-)
thanks for watching!!!!!


antithesis said...

yes! all these videos! you have a good target! i dont think the ones around me have caught up with some of the stuff ur already able to get.

Kenda said...

target started sell miss jessie's about 1 month ago in the philly area. I think it is going to be dependent on the number of presumed naturals in the area.

But to say you were on a roll is a understatement.

I am a little ADD here, but why don't you try a mineral makeup? Its great for the skin, light and easy to apply and blends in nicely with your natural skin tone. Best yet it doesn't give the appearance that you are "made up"

Mischo Beauty said...

I felt the exact same way as you did after attending a class with AJ Crimson a few years ago! #BeautyisTruth!