Friday, May 14, 2010

Hair, Skin, Electronics and Random chatter

I hate being away from all of you for so long :-). I will get to all of the comments that I have not responded to yet, I am very sorry for the delay!!!!
Let's jump right into things-first up is a video where I talk about hair products, nail polish and a mini haul. Next up I talk about electronics, and facial products.

Video #2

In The Theater
As I'm sure you know, Queen Latifah's latest flick, "Just Wright" opens in theaters today. Will you be checking it out? I know for a certainty that I am heading to the theater tonight to support this film.

On the Tube

I know I've never spoken of this show on my blog before but LOST is coming to an end. Lost is the most riveting series I think I've ever watched on tv. It has held my interest from season 1 and the episodes just get better as more information is revealed. Oh and when they killed off my Sayid......WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Where has Ben been? I've lost track of him and I can't remember the last time I saw him on the island.
Any of you watching lost? How do you think it will all end?
A Family Business
Brandy and Ray J are siblings and the love is apparent but the divisive behavior of Momma Norwood is also clearly seen. She favors Ray J and she may not recognize how obvious her favoritism is....sigh. Ok going back one episode -when the stripper arrived at Ray's office the mother was so mad that Bandy and her dad however she wasn't upset with Ray J for allowing his friends to engage in such shenanigans at his place of business.

Even though Brandy at times has a strained relationship with her mother I didn't appreciate the mom not showing up to Brandy's performance because she was still upset over strippergate 2010. As I see it, if you are going to be both mom (can't change that) and manager, then when it comes to business you need to be there for your client even if you are upset with your daughter. The father loves to say he won't get between the two of them but he will listen to both sides. To that I say MAN UP, this is YOUR family too, you are not just an innocent unrelated bystander so speak up and do what needs to be done!
I also think that Brandy's friend Shay, needs to stay out of family affairs. She was asking Brandy if she thought it was time to separate the mom/manager role by finding another manager. In the end they are still a family and Shay you are NOT my dear. I can see that Brandy will always side with family and I totally understand that, so Shay needs to stay in her lane and just hear Brandy out when she vents. Did you notice how quickly Ray checked Shay when she tried to tell him about his inappropriate behavior...LOL.
What do you think of Bran Nu? Brandy as a rapper isn't something that I necessarily saw coming but I think she did a good job and her makeup was great when she performed at the House of Blues.

On a completely different note what is going on with Timberland's figure? He wears these t- shirts with his arms exposed and it looks like he lifts weights. Does he think the public believes those lumpy curves are muscles? I think NO Timbo. Any while we're on the subject Dark Child had on some ill fitting hip huggers when he attended the office party. When he walked away from the camera you saw his fluffy sections oozing out of his pants.....LOL.

What Chilli Wants

A little baby hair to the side never killed anyone but Chilli enough is enough. Moving on-

Chilli's quest to find a man stopped briefly last week as she went to see a therapist. She revealed a portion of her private life when she confessed that she had an abortion which she seems to regret. She then spoke about Usher and the fact that there were certain things she couldn't live with so the relationship had to end.
She takes her son out on dates so that she can groom him to be a great date when he enters that stage of his life. She told him not to "smack" while he was eating- did you catch that she too had some mouth wide open scenes while eating? Well I guess you want your kids to learn and do better so whatever.....

Nothing too exciting happened this episode.

Basketball Chicks on the side Wives
In the last episode the women revealed to Royce all that Gloria had said about her in an attempt to make Royce realize that Gloria is not a friend. Can we have the lady Suzie, (I think her names is) write down whatever she wants to say and then someone else can read it because her speech impediment is giving me a headache.
Are you watching this show?

Tiny and Toya

I hear that Tiny and Toya will not return for another season because TI doesn't want Tiny to move forward with the show? Did you hear this too? Perhaps it's just a rumor.
The Joneses

The kids went to LA with their mom to pursue their separate dreams- the son wants to be a singer while the daughter wants to be an actress. I will not talk about the children on this blog, so I will just move on in silence, but you all can read my thoughts right??? Ok good. lol


Phyllis Bourne said...

Thanks for the iPad demo! Usually I go out and buy Apple products the moment they hit the stores, but this time I'm waiting for the second generation. And I blew my $$$ on their stock instead.

Burt Bee's products hardly ever work for me. I wish they did. I have better luck with Yes To Carrots, even though I don't like their name. Carrots????

The only one of those reality shows I could stand for more than a minute was the one with Chili. But it's starting to turn me off a bit...

Have a great weekend PJD!

Tamstyles said...

I bought the Joneses magazine and wanted to throw that damn thing in the trash. I was like ARE YOU SERIOUS! Everything in that magazine was made for "the rich" and not the everyday chick looking for things she likes. They wont be getting my money any more.

And I love Basketball wives...I laugh at them chicks!

Redbonegirl97 said...

I laugh at all of those stupid shows, the basketball wanna be waives show is hilarious. Celebrity reality is really pathetic.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Mrs Count said...

I have the Burt's Bees wash, but I stopped using it because it wasn't doing anything. MrC uses it now.

I haven't watched any of those shows. I'll probably catch them on a Saturday marathon.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Phyllis- glad I could help. The yes to people have yes to carrots, yet to tomatos and yes to cucumbers!
Tamstyles- I haven't had an opportunity to get my hands on the Jones mag. but I hope to take a look soon since it is going to be a national mag.
Redbone I agree it is pathetic, yet i still
Mrs. C. is the Burts stuff working fof Mr. C?

justme said...

girl, i love that you chat about tv. we are so here on the brandy/mom/rayj thing!

chili's show is not on itunes therefore i am missing out. i will be back in the states soon so maybe i can catch back episodes.

i have never watched the joneses either. i am working thru tough love couples right now.

that chick on basketball chics that you are talking about, she annoys me too, she pulls her chin into her neck to make it look like she is slightly developmentally delayed, i know thats mean,but she does it!

yummy411 said...

cracking up at your synopsis of the shows and the comments. so how did you feel about the finalies? is that the plural? lol anyway.. i'm at least glad chili picked the guy i was rooting for...