Monday, August 30, 2010

I was taken- not a spoiler

Theater experience
Although I have not checked box office numbers (why do I check this stuff like I'm getting money??????) I am almost certain that the movie, Taken, was the number one movie this weekend. I went to the theater on Friday night and the line was outside of the door and the next two time slots were sold out before I could even make it to the ticket booth. The next viewing time was 12:00 and I just didn't want to wait that long sooooooooo yeah I did it, I paid to see Lottery Ticket #dontJudgeMe.
Lottery Ticket- is exactly what you see on the commercials, I didn't enjoy the experience, it was predictable, and often annoying. The ending was ok I suppose but it just took a while getting through the N word being used so often. ughhhhhh
However, regarding the acting, Bow Wow did well along with the other actors.
Who thought that roof top scene was a bit much??? When Bow's forehead was against his friends forehead I was thinking ummmmmmmmmmmmmm ok stop looking intensely into each others eyes really stop. The acting overall was fine but the storyline itself....yeah i wouldn't be mad if they offered me a refund. Now on to the main attraction.....

On Sunday I finally got a chance to see Taken, the movie I had been anticipating ever since I glimpsed the commercial with the lead characters walking together with a blown up helicpoter in the background. I recommend this movie to those who like a little action in their films. I was entertained from the first scence right down to the very end.
I heard the director of this movie mention that Chris Brown did the majority of his own stunts and I think he did really well! Idris, Michael, TI, in fact EVERYONE played their parts perfectly. One thing though, I left that theater only remembering the names of about 2-3 of those How about you? And could someone have given madame Zoe more lines????? gee whiz.
Michael Ealy doesn't act enough in my opinion, but I enjoyed his acting as usual. Idris has great "swagger", he walks well, and wears a suit like nobody's business.
Do you plan on seeing Takers? If you saw it, what are your thoughts?
Can you see Takers 2 coming out in the future?
Any other good movies coming out this year?


Phyllis Bourne said...

I loved Takers! All I can say about Chris Brown doing his own stunts is - WOW!

Really looking forward to Machette, which comes out on Friday!!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey PB
Maybe I wasn't paying attention but I have no idea what Machette is

antithesis said...

chris did well stunt-wise. im not a fan of his acting. michael ealy was bland. zoe didnt have to be in the movie. they could have saved money with a no-name model type and the effect would have been the same because TI never has a zoe saldana. uve seen his wife..

i loved the movie and while they set it up for there to be a takers 2, i seriously doubt it being a viable option. most folks are dead. i wouldnt want them assembling a whole new crew seeing as how they used all the young black actors in this first flick. ur not having me believe denzel and sam jackson are takers with their old asses and they are the only black dudes left.

Phyllis Bourne said...

PJD - Here's a link to the Machette movie info. I CAN'T WAIT! I love me some bad a** Danny Trejo.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis-His acting can improve but I think he was ok and they didn't give him too many lines which I loved his non speaking action sequence lol. The prequel will be great I'm sure and they may allow Zoe to have more lines this time around.
Phyllis- thanks so much. yes, I do know what Machette is about. I hope you enjoy!!!!