Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MIss Jessies Super Sweetback Treatment & Other Ramblings

Here is my review of Miss Jessies Super sweetback treatment.

Other Ramblings

Are there any other good movies coming out?
Do you follow anyone interesting on twitter? If so who? (doesn't have to be a famous person). I enjoy the musings of some twitterettes :-).
TV Time
Is anyone out there watching the Real Housewives of D.C? Ted Gibson isn't a main character on the show but every time I see him, I think of what his hair sheets did to my hair...grrrrrrrrrrrr.
Avon certainly gets a great deal of attention from the ladies. :-)
The British woman is rude and I think she is a bitter woman- the end.
Real Housewives of NJ Reunion
I love how these women with so much money have trouble pronouncing the most basic words.... "cleavage", and "women" just to name a few. And for Danielle, it's not an issue of the NJ accent, she really doesn't know when to use women or woman..ummm ok.
I know that many people have learning disabilities but what do you think about Caroline's son? At what point do you speak up, apparently he wasn't getting the services that he needed to deal with his learning disability so he waits until he is kicked out of college before speaking up.....FISHY.
Part one of the reunion revealed a few thing, as much as they try to shun Danielle she sure gets to know their business. When she asked Teresa if she has acknowledged her nephew it sent Teresa up the wall, so there must be a backstory in there somewhere.
What did you think of part 1 of the reunion?
The Jersey/Miami shore?
So Sammie found the letter that Jwow and Snookie left for her. The letter provides details on Ronnie's exploits with other women. After reading the information, Sammie will still go back with Ron, I'm sure of it. Those two meatheads just may be made for each other.
Sidenote- can Sammie wash her face? I'm tired of watching her roll out of bed just to pick her eyes clean and then say "I'm going to put on makeup". WHO DOES THAT???? yuck.
Dancing with the Losers?
A new season of Dancing with the Stars will air soon and I am so sad to report that Brandy will be a member of the cast. Who has Brandy's best interest at heart? I mean she will be fox trotting alongside Mike "The situation" and the mom from the Brady Bunch. Instead of joining that cast she could have just gone to the top of some mountain and screamed "MY CAREER IS OVER PLEASE CONSIDER ME A HAS BEEN". What kind of career move was that? Do another movie, get a tv series (other than reality tv) make a new cd, do something but don't you dare dance with reality tv stars and people who haven't worked as actors since the 50's...lol. Oh well, I still like Brandy anyway....
Top Chef

Who will take home the crown? I sooooo badly want Tiffany to win. *Correction (thanks MMM)-She would be the first monitory to win the show and the second woman to win!


justme said...

hey lady. i hate on the reunions how they leave out some of the story. it certainly is probably hard because we get to see what a dirtbag danielle is, but since there is a thick bond, the other women wont rat on eachother. did you see how quick they defended the bankruptcy thing?

i only watched 1 episode of jersey shore so i cannot speak on that show.

what are you looking forward to for fall? i want to see the undercovers the most, i hope its good

Phyllis Bourne said...

Love the turquoise and white shoes! Like you, I'm hot and cold on Miss Jessie's products, but put this one on my shopping list.

antithesis said...

yes, sammi's dumb ass will go back to ron who has unwarrantedly disrespected her every episode. i know they dont film every second but everything he does looks unprovoked. anyway, if those other chicks are her friends, why do they leave her in bed all day? when is she gonna work in the gelato shop? she's grimy-looking.

im convinced tiffany will win it all.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking those DSW shoes Sis! Very nice!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Ladies
justme-yes leaving out a portion of the story is annoying. I am looking forward to the undercovers, and some other show that Blaire Underwood is in...(forgot the name though).
PB- thanks! If you get it , please let me know how you like it.
Antithesis-I hope she does, we shall see tonight...at least I think the finale is tonight.
thanks for reading

MMM said...

I think the woman Stephanie won Top Chef one season

Product Junkie Diva said...

B-more- thanks!!!!
MMM- thanks I must have been sleeping that season..lol

Tamstyles said...

i was sad to see her go. so not fair for her talent.,just like kenny.

Anonymous said...

I got some Sweetback from the natural hair convention a few months back. Absolutely love how soft it makes my hair feel. They were handing out several 2oz samples. There weren't instructions or ingredients on the list. I rinsed it out. Was I supposed to? Used it as a deep conditioner. May try using last sample as a styling product.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Tamstyles, you know I totally agree with you. I will miss her on the show.
Jewellsssssss hey girl how have you been? Yes, you are right, you are supposed to wash out this product, it's a treatment/conditioner and should be washed out.
THanks for watching ladies.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! I've been good. On the grind with writing and acting, also trying to book more wedding makeup gigs. Hope all has been well with you. =) Thanks for the tip. I will continue washing out instead of trying as a leave-in product. Though, I wonder how it would turn out.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jewells- if you try it please let me know how it works as a styling product, it's certainly thick enough to give you some hold....
I'm glad you're still on your grind and doing well :-)

Anonymous said...

I will definitely let you know. On a side note: I just applied a sample of Phyto nutrition extreme ultra nourishing mask. Why does it smell exactly like Sweetback??? So weird.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jewells lol that is strange. I haven't used phyto in such a long time, I had almost forgotten about that company...thx for the reminder.