Sunday, December 11, 2011

NOTW- Finally the perfect RED

For years I have been saying that red just isn't my color but alas, I have found the PERFECT red nail polish. Knees Up by Butter London priced at $14.00, is a brilliant metallic red. This picture does not really do it justice, but this is the best my camera could do in this lighting. You can certainly make this a one coat application but in the pictures below I have on two coats. I am not wearing a top coat and this polish shines on its own. Much like Zoya, Butter London polishes are free of carcinogens.

Picture 2


Maven said...

That is a HOT red. I usually tend to go darker, but that is really pretty. I would check that out.

scentualsoundtracks said...

I love this color. I'm not sure I could dish out so much for it, though. I remember getting a mani in the Seattle airport with Butter London polish, way before they were big. I'm still impressed.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks Maven!
Scentualsoundtracks- I know what you mean, it is on the more expensive side when compared to the price of other polishes. I like the colors they have introduced and the way they continue to expand their product line.
Thanks for reading!

justme said...

now this red is really pretty!