Monday, April 2, 2012

What's New This Week? and swatches

Hello Everyone

I picked up a few products as shown in the video posted below. I wanted to also share with you some swatches of the lip colors and nail polish shown in the video.

First up my weekend nail polish was Minka by Zoya as shown below. Although I like Zoya polish, this particular one can have a streaky finish with just one coat so I needed two coats to really do the job.
Moving forward, my nail of the week now is Blagger by Butter London. This polish only needs one coat, it is thick, rich and I love it! It is certainly not one of those thin runny polishes. Cobalt blue is an it color for me.

Now for the lip swatches:
I picked up the Covergirl lip blast flipstick which features a dual sided tube of lip color. I purchased "flashy" which has a hot purple color on one end and a dusty, pinkish color (of which I do not approve) on the other end of the stick.

Here is a picture of the side that I am not fond of (the light pink side)
this picture was taken with the flash on.

Here is the same color with the flash off.

Here is the pretty side of the flashy Cover girl flipstick

Here is a picture of my lips with both the light and dark colors mixed for this flashy colored lipstick. The darker shade is powerful and almost has an iridescent appearance which takes over- but I'm ok with that since I'm not fond of the lighter shade. You can also mix the colors in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

In the video I also show you a new Sephora brand lip balm named "unique pink", a color that automatically adjusts from clear to your perfect pink shade based on your ph level. Don't expect any deep color, it is a lip balm but you get a light appearance of color. My color becomes a light rosey shade.

Now here is my new Nars color named "New Lover". This one is going to quickly become a favorite spring time shade.

Now on to the three Sephora brand lip vinyls. Surprisingly, these were tough lip colors for me to capture in photographs. While the pictures did show that my lips were shiny, it was hard to get it to show the shimmery aspect of the lip product, so I did the best that I could. These pics were taken on my camera phone since I need to charge my camera battery.

I purchased the vinyls in three colors, Raspberry Vinyl (left), Fancy Red (center), and Fuchsia Fever (right).
Although these colors look like you may be rocking glitter, there is absolutely no feeling of glitter on your lips. The formula is creamy in nature and not sticky. It's shiny and bold, maybe too bold for me. :-) I prefer a light coating of this lip product over a lip stick, something about wearing the vinyl alone is a bit overpowering for me.

Here is Fancy Red

Raspberry Vinyl

And finally Fuchsia Fever
Which products are you loving at the moment?
Thanks for reading and watching.


Maven said...

First- thanks for the shout-out. Sooo appreciate it.
Second- you are the QUEEN of hauls. I want to be like you when I grow up.
Third- Love the blue polish and the lip colors, especially the fancy red. I actually like the Cover Girl Blast FlipStick in Minx. If it were a little more moisturizing, it would be great. I also am feeling the C.O. Bigelow Orange and Coriander Body Scrub.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hi Maven
You're welcome! I have been hearing about this Bigelow product so I need to stop fooling around and just get it.