Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WNTW, NYX cosmetics and a Body Scrub Review


In the video below, I compare the Sephora brand sugar body scrub to the Bodycology brand body scrub which you can find at Target. I also showcase my first lip colors from the brand NYX.

Here are swatches of the lip colors on my lips. Out of seven products, I only adore 2 and can stomach one so the remaining 4 are a disaster.
This first color is in the color "Tea Rose.

This color looks like a pasty pink and I hate it. On the web this color looks like a light brown. The formula of the product feels great though.

Up next is Honey Nectar which also looked brown online but turned out to be another pasty pink (this one is even worse).

Here is a better shot of the color Honey Nectar.

Now we come to the color Rosie Brown, a frosty colored light brown.

Below you will see the color Merlot. I was expecting a nice berry wine colored lipstick but got this instead.

Next is a color that I liked named skin tone. This is not a lip gloss, it is called xtreme cream. It is like melted lipstick, it is full coverage and definitely heavier than a gloss.

This needs a nice deep brown lip liner thrown in the mix, but I can make this work.

The following shade Monte Carlo is one of my favorites.
This is Monte Carlo after it dried, a soft red matte color.

Finally, my other favorite color is Maison, a great brown girl nude.
Even though I purchased everything for half price, this is an inexpensive brand. See for yourself , official NYX site or for a slightly reduced price buy NYX products from Ulta. Ulta always seems to have a big sale with 50% off or buy one get one free, so if you want to try NYX, I would suggest you keep the ulta store on your favorites list!

On the Small Screen

Who watched Scandal starring Kerry Washington? If not, I won't ruin the first episode which aired last week, but she is the go to lady if you need to spin a story or get your public image on track. She knows her stuff but we also learned that at times her judgment may be a bit clouded by the one person who she seemed to love.
I like the show and I will continue to watch, I am also enjoying her outfits thoroughly. I enjoy seeing Columbus Short on tv too... :-)
thanks for reading/watching.


Napsagain09 said...

Not sure if I like the show but clothes, shoes, & Short excellent combo!

Jennifer said...

I have Monte Carlo as well.
Gorgeous color!

Maven said...

Loving Scandal. A definite watch. And yes, I was really glad to see Columbus Short too.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the recommendation on the NYX colors. I placed an order on Amazon for some things and threw in a tube of NYX in Maison. Love it! That is a perfect brown girl nude. Ordering from Amazon was $6 and free shipping based on the rest of my order. Lo and behold when it arrived I had 3 tubes in Maison for my $6 -- great value!

Cupcake Chronicles aka Thickroots

Product Junkie Diva said...

HI Cupcake chronicles
I literally just applied Maison to my lips and then I read your comment which happened to be about the same product!!!! Thanks for the Amazon info.

botox nyc said...

Awesome blog.

versuslaser.com said...

This looks precious, I think. :)