Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NOTD and a Mini online shopping rant

Although I spoke about it in my last video I wanted to share pictures of my NOTD (nail of the day). I am wearing vio-last, one of the colors from the new Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish collection. The formula used for these polishes are thick but not to the point of being goopy. One coat can certainly do the trick but I always use two for good measure. These $8.00 (+) polishes which dry with a shiny top coat are worth every penny. If Cover Girl offered a wider selection of colors they could easily usurp the drugstore polish throne.
I should note that in the pictures below I did add an additional top coat from the CND brand. However, if you watch my last video you will see the polish in it's natural state without an additional top coat.

Here is the polish with the camera flash off.

And the rant begins in 5, 4, 3...

By now you know that I like to purchase products, hence the name of my blog. So when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, the little hairs on the nape of my neck uncoil and stand at attention. I look forward to restocking my now barren shelves and I anticipate the arrival of each package. So when companies decide to play musical chairs with their sales pricing it sours the shopping experience. Some companies have bounced around different sales prices between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and consumers only hope that they click the "pay now" button when the price is truly at its lowest mark. For example, when Elf publicized their buy one get one half off Black Friday sale, I like many others jumped at the chance to try some of their new products, only to have a 50% off site wide sale appear on Monday.
 Of course I expected companies to have a Cyber Monday sale, but when that sale is far superior to the sale that ended a day prior, it makes me feel as if they only want to soak up as much money as possible. This is the time of year when many companies have an opportunity to enter that coveted financial black zone leaving behind the prior months when they were financially in the red so I understand the need to make money, but at what cost?
 Elf wasn't alone in dampening my online shopping tryst, I was also angered by the companies that offered no sale at all, but instead offered free shipping if you spend $200.00.  Or better yet, the companies that really had no sale at all but offered a free product, one which probably sells poorly anyway.sigh. For the love of all that is Black Friday & Cyber Monday madness why can't companies provide us with the best prices possible during this annual shopping fiesta?
To the companies out there if you are worried that you will lose money, you won't. If  you offer your products with reasonable discounts we will come in droves, to point, click and "PAY NOW".
How was your Black Friday/Cyber Monday experience?


Jessica Williams said...

My Black Friday Shopping was awesome!! I did stock up on Natural hair products from My honey child, Pura Body Naturals, Karen Body Beautiful, ummmm.. Darcys Botanicals and some Curl Junkie products. Black Friday is the perfect time to try out new hair products. I am definitely a product junkie, but if and when I find my staple products I will just stick to those most of the time :) I am sure I will still be attempted every now and again. Also thank you for posting some of the sales on beauty care on your blog. I definitely took advantage of some of the nail polish sales. Okay doke, well that is just a little taste of my damage. I hope everyone had just as much fun as I did on Black Friday and Cyber Monday until next time tootles!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

HI Jessica
I see we purchased from many of the same companies. I have found products that I would consider to be staples and still I shop...what's wrong with me?????? :-)
I am so giddy because I have received shipping information from some of the companies. I know my UPS, FEd ex and other delivery men will be sick of seeing me but what can you do, Black friday comes but once a year!
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Maven said...

First, I've been wanting to try that Cover Girl polish, so I will be going that for sure. As far as my online Black Friday experience, it was mixed. It was great to get some really good deals, mostly clothing/ gifts, but what irked me was that 2 items I actually ordered and got confirmation from 2different companies were out of stock. I ordered thinking everything was all good, then get an email that " oops, it's out of stock". Not pleased. The other annoyance was with one site where the item didn't show as out of stock until checkout, then I had to scramble and pick something else to get the free shipping,and hope my other items didn't get snatched up before i bought them. The things I did get though were good deals.

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