Monday, February 4, 2013

WNTW 2013 Beast of the Southern Wild and Milly Focus

Hello Everyone
I hope you're having a great Monday.
Here is my latest WNTW video- enjoy.

 On another note I wanted to get your thoughts on a movie that has received a great deal of praise- Beast of the Southern Wild. I rented this movie through iTunes for $3.99 and you can too if you were not able to catch this film at any of the independent film festivals. I think the little actress Miss Quvenzhane Wallis did an outstanding job in her role as Hush Puppy along with Mr. Dwight Henry, who played her father. I could not envision two other actors playing those roles. It really looked like Dwight had been grooming himself for that type of role all of his life.
 I will not spoil this film for those of you who plan on seeing  but I will give my general feelings about the film. In my opinion this movie was about the the love between a parent and child, pride, hope, dreams, and the circle of life. All the makings of a great film right? Well not so fast......
I loved the end, not only because it was over, but because that was the only part of the movie that moved me to some degree. I felt that there were too many unanswered questions rolling through my head as the credits scrolled down my screen. I wanted to love this film but I didn't even though both Quvenzhane and Dwight acted their hearts out, so it is through no fault of their own.
If you saw this flick, please share your thoughts.

Random thoughts....

 We often have many aspirations but only a few if any of them come to fruition. Maybe, just maybe we could achieve more of our goals if we have Milly-like focus. Yes, I just made a Scandal reference because it is so fitting. We have known from the start that Milly likes power and she has political aspirations. Every obstacle that has come her way she has thwarted by any means necessary. As her husband lay bed ridden and in a coma, she forges documents to secure his and inevitably her position. However, she topped all the charts when she had her labor induced to protect her life in the White House. Now I'm not suggesting that we cast our moral radar in the wind to achieve whatever we hold dear, but I am suggesting that we keep our eyes focused on the goal and crush any obstacles that come our way.
Anyone who knows Milly, knows what she is about and what she wants, can the same be said of us? Do we verbalize what we really want and follow through with our actions? Or are we just daydreaming without ever making firm and decisive steps toward our goals?
So what say you?


Maven said...

Hey PJD,
I haven't seen the movie but I did hear the Tom Joyner talking about it and they were confused by it. I'm glad Q Wallis is getting props though. As far as Millie- everything you said. I'm actually starting to like her more as the weeks go by. But about her focus. Yes. She takes no prisoners. Being more focused is something I'm working on this year. I can be easily distracted, so this is a definite goal. Thanks for posting.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hi Maven
Thanks for reading. I know the feeling, sometimes we have so many ideas that it's challenging to just zero in on one, then focus and develop those ideas. We can do it though :-)