Monday, May 6, 2013

Knowledge is Power

Hello Everyone

There are few things worse than feeling powerless in a situation. We have self defense classes, empowerment seminars, self-help books and other resources designed to help us to become more  informed on a range of topics. Knowledge gives us an advantage, because it is less likely that we can be easily misguided by anyone if we have a true understanding of the topic at hand.  If we are not armed with knowledge we end up deferring to the opinions, suggestions or decisions of those who are considered to have a better understanding of the subject. One area that is at times overlooked by women is the auto care industry.
You stand with the mechanic and if you don't really understand the inner workings of your car you may end up agreeing to all sorts of "seemingly necessary" adjustments to your vehicle. There are many honest mechanics out there but there are also unscrupulous mechanics who want to suck as many dollars out of your wallet as possible. I was intrigued when asked to read the ebook Fearless Auto Care : A Guide To What Women Should Know About Their Cars" because learning more about cars has been on my to do list for a very long time. After checking out this book I walked away with many priceless gems, but I think this book can help everyone to do two things. First you will learn to speak intelligently about your vehicle to anyone including your mechanic. Secondly you will  be able to understand the early warning signs that your car may be in trouble.

I picked up so many points from this book, for example, I had no idea that going to a mechanic's shop and asking for a "tune up" could mean different things at different auto shops!  What I appreciated most is that this book doesn't hand all of the answers to you on platter because there are some variations between  vehicles. You are instead encouraged to get certain pieces of information from your car manual, this will allow you to tailor the information to the specific needs of your car. This book even included a few pictures that were used to explain the mysteries under the hood. I honestly could have been helped with even more pictures, but maybe that will appear in book #2 :-).
From shocks and struts to worn tires, this book is a road map to understanding your car. I would suggest that everyone not familiar with how vehicles work, read this book. I've never been so eager to engage someone in an auto conversation, but when my next encounter happens, I'll be ready.

If you're interested in purchasing this book you can  do so by clicking here  .
The ebook will cost you $5.00 and the printed edition costs $9.97.

I'm curious, have you ever found yourself at the mercy of your mechanic without knowing whether or not you were being swindled?
Thanks for reading.

About the author:
Donna McCord is the co-owner of Dean's Automotive in Mountain View, CA. Her book, Fearless Auto Care  aims to help women know what services their vehicle needs and how to get the work done from a reliable auto  repair facility."


Donna said...

Thank you so much for reading our book and for your positive comments! I am truly happy to see that you were able to benefit from the information in the ways that I intended. Your desire for more pictures is duly noted! I will definitely keep that in mind for our next book, for which I am open to receive suggestions! Thanks again!

Maven said...

Sounds like an good read. I've always wanted to learn more as well. i'll have to check it out. Most times I'm not totally at mercy because I defer to my dad, but I need to learn more on my own.