Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Friday Get this Not That- Part 1

Here is my Black Friday must buy list so far.

Some of these older posts are from my relaxed days but I have used them on my natural hair and I still love them, which is why they remain on my Black Friday list.

Darcy's Botanicals

My Honey Child

I have never used the following products, but I am interested in trying them from My Honey Child:

She Scent It ( I may or may not make the following purchases)
Soultanicals ( I discussed this in part 1 of my BF get this not that video shown above)


Miss Jessies
  • Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo ( they used to have a bogo sale but now on the site I see a 40% off message on the site, let's see if that changes by BF)
Earth's Nectar
I am new to this brand but so far I am interested in this item -coconut curls.
I may want to check out Lime Crime cosmetics and Melt Cosmetics.
There are other items on my list, but they are not confirmed in my mind, so we shall see what happens with that. So my list this year looks like it will be pretty boring since I am mainly restocking, but you never know what will happen come BF.
In one of my other BF videos you will see a makeup item that I will definitely purchase.....stay tuned.
What are you picking up for tell :-)
Thanks for watching and reading.



Anonymous said...

I have purchased the Juicy Berry Butter cream during her last customer appreciation sale, and it smells amazing. Its smooth and creamy. It really does have a butter cream consistency. It gives me a nice shine and seals in the moisture when using the L.O.C method, especially on my low porosity hair. I use this as my Cream/Pomade and the carrot & pumpkin defrizzer as my oil sometimes. Def a repurchase =]

Anonymous said...

Hey PJD,

No KBB this year? I saw your videos about the issues last year and previously... what a shame. I had thought about trying their products for BF, however their sale is not as impressive as it was last year so I'll stick with better deals.


Kathy said...
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Product Junkie Diva said...

Hello Anonymouse
We are on the same pace when it comes to the Oyin product.
Thanks for reading.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hello Ms. Lola
No, I haven't purchased from KBB since the last incident. Did you get to try anything from her collection?
And my response to your post is an epic delay- sorry.