Thursday, September 9, 2010

Its a Slice, Turkish Delight And Jersey Hoodrats

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On the Tube
Did you watch the Reunion of the Jersey Hoodrats Housewives?
Through this whole season I have become increasingly annoyed with Jacqueline. She has zero control over her daughter who constantly disrespects her and then she tries to defend her daughter's dumb actions.
I really don't like any of the women on the show but they are entertaining. Teresa was trying to downplay her financial woes, but clearly she is in deep! I secretly think she made Dina the godmother of her kid because she wanted some connection to that family. Why does everyone try to hang on to Caroline's family like they are the IT family in Franklin Lakes?
Caroline just knows she is the head chick in town and she is sooooo NOT. I need Caroline to have a seat, to me she is dry and boring...I don't care that your kids have grown up and you feel somewhat lost...get a job or clean your huge house..just don't appear on tv anymore.
Danielle is the nut job of the century who hopefully won't make her kids nutty too. She is needy, pushy and a fruit cake. I will forever be haunted by that dancing scene that she did where she stretched out her leg and then said "and then suggest". If you watched the season, you probably vomited right along with me.
Anywhooo on the reunion show all of the women were against Danielle and tried to call her on her lies but in the end they made peace #kanyeshrug.
Well all except for dried up Caroline, who seems to think she looks good in the color blue...ummm no you don't dear.
When Jacqueline decided to squash the issues that she had with Danielle, all of a sudden Teresa decides to chime in by saying that she was never trying to take Danielle down. Ummm ok this was a moment between Jaqueline and Danielle so no need to start pouring our your hear Teresa because no one asked you and Danielle wasn't even looking your way. I think teresa will go any way the wind blows and if the clan starts talking to Danielle so will she. These are grown women who can't seem to think for themselves (except for Caroline and Jacqueline for a VERY brief moment).
I heard that Danielle won't be back next season because she wants her own spin off show, and with all of her crazy antics she will probably get it.
Oh and I just have to talk about Ashley (Jacquline's daughter) for a minute- I think she feels the need to be accepted by the Manzo (sp) family. I think a part of Ashley feels as if she was never really IN the family even though her step dad treats her as if she were his own. I notice that she listens to her cousin, and aunts more than her own mother. Shoot, even her boyfriend has more pull over her than her mother does. I also think she has a bit of low self esteem.
For Teresa, I think the Countess from Housewives of NY said it best when she said "Money Can't Buy You Class".
OHHHH and how could I forget about Kim G who we learned is related to the other Kim (the store owner who danielle felt betrayed her). Since both ladies seem like snakes, it's almost fitting that they are related through marriage. I don't care for Kim G and I agree with Danielle that it seemed like Kim G wanted air time and attention from the Manzos- pathetic.
What did you think of the reunion?
Top Chef
Now we are down to the final three and the final woman has been ousted from the cast. Now we have the boys club in full swing with Kevin, Angelo and Ed. As I mentioned in a previous post, I want Ed to win- who do you want to win Top Chef?


justme said...

wow girl.

jacqueline- i think she is just lost. i think her daughter is in that generation where they are lost and of course you listen to everyone but your parents at that age. i do think she is disrespectful, but i see a LOT of people in the 18-25 age group that act similar to her. think they got it going on, know all the answers, want the world but dont want to work to get it.

teresa- yeah she did try to downplay the money could be onto something about the dina thing.never looked at it that way.

caroline- i love her.she is boring but i think she is the voice of reason. we all know why we think people want to be connected to that family.those ladies need to stop faking the funk on the "brownstone"

danielle- she is really crazy. i cant believe it. its facsinating. spinoff, i doubt it, but its not like they have discretion, i mean kendra has a show.

i was so sad that dina left.

i mainly watch that show to look at some of the accessories at their home. i loved to look thru knick knacks at dina's

Mrs Count said...

I think I know that disinfectant smell you're talking about, I have a renapure conditioner that smells disinfectant like to me. And apparently the cake company needs to go back to the drawing board altogether.