Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review and a Haul,New movie alert and giveaway reminder

HI please check out my video of my review of the Boscia Black mask. I also show two mini hauls from Body cake and B'Cause It's Mimi.

In the Theater
Have you seen the trailer for the latest Tyler Perry Flick entitled "For Colored Girls"?
I have never read the book nor have I seen any of the plays based on the book but I am looking forward to seeing this film. Check out the star studded cast.....this could be AMAZING!

Please check out my giveaway in the post below.- thanks


Mrs.Young_fashion said...

seriously, enter me!!!!!!!!!!

antithesis said...

im going into for colored girls...blind as well but im certainly GOING

Kenda said...

I surprised you didnt try Bodycake's Chocolate Fat Burning Body Mask.:) The seller is very nice as she actually answered a competitor's (me) question. I love her ideas and get jealous that I didn't think of them first!

As far as your money's worth, let me explain this on behalf of all small business's who make handmade products. Please read the labeling on the container: Does it say net wt or net vol? You have a 4 oz container in your hand, but that is by volume. She may have given you 4 oz by weight. Why weight? Weight is a lot easier to do a cost analysis on to offer fair prices while still making a profit (I mean it is still a business).

Case and point, I make two different clay masks for the face. One is dry and the other is a ready made wet clay mask. I package both in a 4 oz by volume container.

The dry mask is sold at a weight of 3.5 oz and is filled nearly to the brim. The wet mask is sold at a weight of 5 oz but barely comes up to the inside rim of the jar.

Honey is heavier than say a cream or a lotion so your 4 oz will not get filled to the top. Hope this helps.

and please continue to do reviews of Etsy sellers, maybe one day you'll get to my little shop :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis- I sure hope it lives up to the hype.
Kenda- thanks for the info- I checked the label and it doesn't have any weight info ( i think it may only appear on the website or on the larger jar). Also I think I did have the chocolate product in my cart but then removed it after looking at my running total. I think I will pick it up later though. I like some of the items I saw on your site, I will be making a purchase :-)

Kenda said...

You are welcome and thanks.

Phyllis Bourne said...

I bought the mask a few days ago, but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the warning, will be sure not to get it near my brows.