Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nails, body, hair, and on the tube

First I review a few products starting with nail polish then I discuss a delicious body scrub and some INEXPENSIVE hair goodies.

On the Tube
Let's take a few moments out to discuss what is going on in the reality tv world.
Fantasia for Real
Teeny is still a mess but at least he isn't living with Fanny anymore, even though I have a feeling that he may still lean on her for financial support when he can't make ends meet.
Fantasia had an opportunity to date a football player (Devin) , who can put together a complete sentence and of course she turned down his offer to go out on a date. Her heart is apparently with the man who is separated. Sigh......
Last season I was really annoyed with Fanny's family but this season I am really annoyed with Fantasia. She just gives me the impression that she is super hardheaded and doesn't learn from her mistakes quickly. As a quick side note from last week I did NOT like how she left Aunt Bunny on the side of the road. She should have gotten popped in the mouth for that I don't care how upset you are, that behavior is unacceptable. Other options could have included dropping Aunt Bunny off but not going inside to participate. Or she could have just cancelled the whole thing for the night. She showed a lack of respect for Aunt Bunnie's time.
Now on to the man that Aunt B met and the date that they had in this weeks episode. Do you think he is really into her (not that it isn't possible) or do you think he was drawn in by the lovely cameras following her? He seems a bit young and I don't know him or his type but I probably would have matched him with someone else...but again who knows, perhaps Aunt B is exactly his type.
OK off track- back to Tasia and her refusal to go out on a date with Devin because she is still pining away over a married man --separated is not divorced in my book...oh yeah and in the eyes of the law! Devin has his own career going as a football player (I don't watch football but I have seen his picture on when he was eye candy of the week) and he seems like a pretty nice fellow but she wasn't impressed enough to give him a chance. Not that she has to give every guy in the world a chance but this one seemed like a good option. Oh well #kanyeshrug.

Real and Chance- I'm glad they're getting a check and in reality, their show is no more ridiculous than the Jackass guys so whatever... At least they are working with animals, I love that idea but that show gets very little attention from me.

LaLa's Full Court Wedding.
I simply can not take Lala's wedding planner, she seems very demanding when you consider the fact that this isn't her money. I understand that as a wedding planner she wants to help the couple to keep on top of the budget and make certain decisions but at the same time you are dealing with a multimillionaire so if Melo wants 4 more invitations, I say shut your mouth and just make it happen we don't need commentary from you woman. I think Lala is way too soft with some of these people who are working for her. It's almost like she is at times asking for permission to spend her own money. I want her to be more in control. It also seems like her days are filled with and little tasks stress her out. I know Lala has produced things behind the scenes so maybe we can get a snapshot of her working and then that would make it more understandable when she says things like "I have so much going on" lol.
I love wedding so I am not mad at this show, although it is a little slow at time. Carmelo is definitely a laid back kind of guy, I don't think he loves being on camera. However, sometimes he is so laid back that it looks like he could care less if Lala is there or

Housewives of ATLANTA
OH boy did the season start of properly this week- now on Mondays.
Lisa is no where to be found so far and she does not appear in the opening credits. I heard her on the radio saying that she did film a few episodes but she had no idea if they would keep her in or edit her out entirely. We got to see Phedra, one of the new housewives for this season- she is the attorney who is married to the ex-con.
Drama is swarming all around Dwight and two housewives, Nene and Sheree. Kim alleges that Dwight claims to have loaned Greg, Nene's husband, some money in the sum of 10,000. Do you think he really did loan Greg the money? I believe he did and Greg looks shifty as can be so ummm yeah I think it was certainly more than $500 as Greg claims.
Dwight also claims to have invested about 30,000 is SHeree's fashion show last season. What do you think? Sheree lacks direction and focus as was shown during the fashion show episode last season. She didn't even think her clothes needed to be accented with jewelry etc. I have a feeling Dwight pulled those furs and jewelry on her behalf. He likely called his contacts and had items sent over immediately for the show, you have to pay to make all of that happen so I actually don't doubt Dwight. Why is everyone (Sheree, Nene, Greg and that random guy in Sheree's kitchen) questioning whether or not Dwight even has money? Dwight never hit me as being broke and ummm doesn't he own his own business?
Nene is rearing her insecure, hater head again this season. If you listen to Phedra she acknowledges Nene and the fact that they have known each other since their days in Athens. Phedra seems respectful and pleasant even nice when recounting her encounters with Nene. Nene on the other hand refers to Phedra as a plain Jane and had the nerve to question why the ATTORNEY Phedra was invited to an exclusive event...... Nene has many insecurities that she is dealing with and apparently, at least for a portion of this season, she will be working her issues out with her old BFF Kim. double sigh.
Kandi is dating a football player, can't recall his name but I have seen him before and his teeth look great.
Kim is a mess as usual and doing all that she can for attention.
Sheree is trying to be an actress and from what I have seen, she has as much acting potential as Beyonce.

What are you watching and what are your thoughts on the aforementioned shows?


Unknown said...

Whooo girl you said a mouth full! I cancelled my cable earlier in the year so I always have to wait til the Vh1 shows are posted online...BUT I am in complete agreement about Fantasia and that football player. I haven't watched any of Lala's show, mainly because of just what you said - what exactly is she doing these days besides being a mother? And not that that isn't a big responsibility, but I just can't really get with women who don't do anything besides be somebody's woman. You cracked me up about RHOA - I never have watched that show, but I'm all too familiar with the characters!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey EbonyCPrincess
I can understand canceling cable since there is usually nothing on Oh I would recommend getting into Housewives of ATL...hilarious.
Thanks for reading!

justme said...

girl, u know i wait for u to do these posts.

dwight is getting on my nerves this season. i dont dispute the fact that he probably helped out sheree and nene's hubby but the way he is blasting sheree is tacky. if he agreed to help her for free, dont talk about how much you helped around town. that is in poor taste. and he seems uncomfortable on camera like he knows he probably ran his mouth a little too much. i also cannot stand looking at his bad plastic surgery. maybe they are questioning him because who really gives out money like that, especially since he really didnt know sheree. i would not GIVE someone all that money that i was not close with.

i dont agree with nene's personal decisions as far as surgery but i am really starting to like her, especially when she was going in on bryson.

i dont watch fantasia because i cant stand her voice. lala's show was alright. i am getting into football wives, you need to talk about that, lol