Thursday, October 28, 2010

On the Tube

Sorry for the delay everyone. Let's jump into some tv reviews.....
The Real Housewives of Altanta
- In the latest episode Nene went under the knife for a nose job. I don't know why but I feel like the nose job was her main objective and she merely masked her nose job consultation with a breast reduction and lipo suction conversation with her doctor. For those of you who missed the episode she had all of the aforementioned procedures. Greg was not present during the entire episode and it appeared as if he wasn't supporting her through the recovery process. We know they have marital problems but it was certainly highlighted during the latest episode. Where oh WHERE did this mystery friend Diana come from. She was there with Nene through her procedures and was even at Nene's house to help her recover. When Nene said she wanted to get off the couch well there was Diana to help Bullwinkle #dontjudgeme Nene get up. I just felt like Nene was using her, and of course I say this without knowing the background of their relationship and I know that she is contractually obligated to hang out with the housewives gang but she seemed to care more about them than her friend Diana who was present. While hopped up on drugs straight out of surgery, there is Diana wiping her bloody nose and sitting by her bed as Nene asks her to call Sheree and Kim...shaking my head. Nene is such a wanna be (old school word) in my opinion even though she pretends as if she is full of confidence.

Now before I get off of the Nene topic I must address something that she did that really got under my skin in this episode. While grazing through her kitchen her oldest child Bryson respectfully expressed his disfavor with his mom's surgery. After his concluding comments she turns to her youngest son and says "See that's the nose I wanted, I don't know how this little sucker ( I think she said sucker) got this perfect nose." You then see Bryson exit stage left. This scene disturbed me because it made me think that there may have been other instances in Bryson's life (particularly after the birth of his brother) where Nene may have made Bryson feel insignificant or she may have inadvertently made comparisons between the boys....perhaps. Also some may say that Bryson isn't as cute as his little brother so that may have had an impact on him as well. Nene mentioned in a previous episode that Bryson doesn't spend time with his brother, perhaps it's because of feelings that Bryson may be harboring or dealing with regarding his little brother...who knows. This is just my assumption from Nene's one This however does NOT absolve old weed head Bryson from accepting the normal responsibilities that he should be shouldering on his own at this stage in his life. By responsibilites I don't necessarily mean having his own place etc. but he should pick up after himself and at least offer to contribute to the needs of the household...and go to school or do SOMETHING.

Kim- This week we got a glimpse of Kim's family when her parents came to visit. So many things are clear in my mind now.

1) I now understand why Kim began getting botox in her 20's- clearly her family doesn't age well. We didn't get an age on the momma but she was looking like he was Kim's daddy's momma... #justSaying

2)Being with a married man is acceptable as long as he can do things for you.

Kandi- Don't talk about it, be about it. I wouldn't write a lick or even dream about putting a song together for Kim unless my lawyers drafted the contracts and Kim has already She shafted Kandi once on the money she was owed and I really hope it won't happen again. And when Kandi agreed to perform on stage (episode before last) with Kim, I was too done with that simpleton. Unless Kim's agreement to perform with Kim was based on the following idea-"if kim goes out there and performs poorly she will be even more of a joke than she already is and her 15 minutes of fame will be done sooner rather than later. Which means even if I produce another good song for her, people will not be interested, so I will go on stage and help her out just to keep this momentum going" #kanyeShrug. Perhaps that's what was floating through her head...who knows.

Sheree- Well, well, well, Sheree had a second encounter with Dr. Love. He gave some stupid example of letting a man feel like a man by opening a bottle of ketchup even if the woman is able to open the bottle. He was giving one of his speeches to a room filled with women who seemed to hang on to his every word as if each syllable could bring them closer to the man of their dreams. He said nothing that resonated with me, but hey he is making money (possibly) so I won't judge him or knock his I do think it was interesting that his panel of women consisted of Sheree, a radio host and another woman who was probably his friend.... Sheree implied during the last episode that she does not wash dishes...does she have a maid that we have never seen?Or do her kids have dish pan hands? Anyway Sheree and her bootleg Hitch plan on having another date and he will try to get Sheree to eat off of his finger...Like Sheree, I would be disgusted and running out of his place. No finger licking for me please...NEXT.

The Model- I've already forgotten her name (Cynthia-I think) but she is ok in my book thus far.

Pheadra- Oh how I defended you when people called you snooty after the first episode, but you made me eat those words. Pheadra was down right rude to the model and her man Peter as they rode in a limo to an equestrian event. It started out ok because Pheadra was saying that Apollo has no kids and she wanted a man with no kids. OK nothing wrong there...but then Peter, the model's man, states that he has 5 kids and this is where Pheadra lost me. She made a face and said NO I prayed for a CLEAN man no baby momma drama. I didn't appreciate her use of the word clean ( I know what she meant by it) but it just translated as RUDE. As The Countess would say "Money can't buy you classssssss elegance is learned my friend". Pheadra then began talking about her childhood and how she has been riding horses since she was 7 or 8. The local donkey on the farm does not an equestrian make...but who knows perhaps she did...She then began bragging (it came across as bragging) about her degrees. Guess what Pheadra, many many people have the same degrees that you have, and while you should be proud, flaunting your success in the face of others is never attractive.

Despite the elegance that she tries to display, her baby shower was a stupid hot mess. Not because she had ballarinas but because she made that shower so much more than it had to be and it just didn't make sense. She is having a baby not a wedding so why she wanted to do a special dance and then have ballerinas appear is beyond me. She also allowed someone to place rhinestones across her eyelids and roses in her ponytail....#FAIL. Secretly, I think she has low self esteem....

Did I forget anyone? Oh yeah we saw the boring Lisa make an appearance and thank goodness it was brief.

Are you watching this show?

The Glam Squad it's actually called The House of Glam (thank's Lauren)

Why didn't you guys tell me about this show??????? I happened to catch two episodes last Saturday on the Bravo network and I enjoyed the show. It's basically a woman who owns a company that styles celebrities and non celebrities for a fee of course. You get to see her team of misfits styling the Dream, Taiana, Mario and Jojo...hopefully in future episodes we will get to see them actually style people who are relevant...LOL. From what I can tell it looks like they are based in good old NYC. I like the hustling energy that flows through the people who work for the agency they are really passionate about fashion and hair. One member of the company was best friends with the owner of the agency since childhood and while she may have a flare for fashion ( hopefully that will appear in future episodes because so far I'm not impressed) she has an attitude that only her family members can How dumb are you to actually tell an artist that the styling is more important than the music. She (sorry I don't know names I only saw two episodes) said all of this to The Dream and he was insulted and said styling helps but you need to have music first..She actually went back and forth on this point until the Dream got up and left. I think the owner needs to check her friend because celebrities can always find another stylist. Anywho the show airs on Tuesdays on the Oxygen network, I guess it repeats on Bravo on the weekends but I'm not sure if that happens regularly or if I just happened to catch the bravo promotion of that show.

Are you watching this show?

FootBall Wives

We are only one episode in and a line has been drawn in the sand between some of the football wives. Pilar Sanders, wife of Dion Sanders, is on a show with some women I have never seen before- except for one (the attorney) where have we seen her before? Was she Mike Tyson's last wife???? Anywho Pilar caused friction when she agreed to attend a bible study class only to skip out early to attend a movie premier with another football wife. Apparently this really angered one football wife names Chanitam even though it was neither her house nor her event. She just came across as jealous of Pilar. She wanted Pilar to ask for forgiveness or apologize which I think she may have done ifffff Chanita had not been so rude and LOUD....ughhh I can't take people who are loud for no reason at all. Chanita also looks like she has no eyebrows so I wish she would address that issue. Chanitra revealed that her hubby may have to take a big pay cut and work for some other organization like the ufl not NFL I don't keep up with football so i couldn't tell you but I know its the bootleg version of the NFL. So Chanitra may be a little

Amanda, another football wife said that she must always look good because her hubby is a celebrity and they live that lifestyle blah blah blah. Please take a look at her picture here and then rejoing this conversation.... Ok yes so I am giving her the side eye when she can't even look decent in professional photos with tons of makeup.....

Next up is Erin who isn't a wife and shouldn't really be on the show. But since she is on the show, I have to address the fact that she works two jobs one of which is hooters. :-) Not that she should be living off of this man who isn't her husband but ummmm ok moving on lol.

Melani is a wife who doesn't care about the cameras because she was not makeup ready, in fact she showed up makeup -LESS.

The other wives bore me and I don't recall seeing Mercedes yet.

Are you watching???
LaLa's Full Court Wedding
LaLa's Full Session of Boredom is over lol, ok maybe it wasn't that bad, but she married Melo and hopefully lives happily ever after. I must say her cousin Dice looked really nice on the day of the wedding- BUTTT why make such a fuss over her outfit is she was going to change into JEANS and street gear for the reception....WHO DOES THAT? #NotAtMyWedding.
Fantasia for Real
Fantasia gets more annoying with each episode. She has learned in the last episode that the "separated" man she was seeing was still with his wife and going on trips with her. Fanny seemed shocked by this information and ended the episode in tears. Whomp.
Kanye West

Last Saturday Kanye locked down certain video channels to premier the hour long movie/video that he directed. It is called runaway and it is basically a compilation of some songs from his latest album played out on the small screen. Selita Ebanks played the love interest and with vivid colors and seemingly abstract ideas I was hooked. Maybe I was reading too far into it but I think he had a bunch of symbols streaming through his work. When he began playing a tune on his little music box and out came the ballerinas which in my mind is Kanye's way of saying I am the puppet master and you all dance to my tune. he controlled the rhythm, and when he stopped so did they...There were so many other things but all in all I thought it was well done. What did you make of it all? Masterpiece of Master FAIL.

I no longer watch the following shows because they bore me- The Event and The Undercovers....I tried but I couldn't hold on.

The Game comes back on our screens 1-11-11- I will be watching!!!!!


antithesis said...

dear nene, stop yourself!

dear phaedra, stop yourself x 1000

dear dr love, ur divorced and phoney, sit down

dear sheree, and what money do u have on ur own?

dear dwight, YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN

dear cynthia, claps for u for holding your composure and keeping it classy

dear crash bandicoot, stop playing snippets of ur wailing. no one cares about your decade old, defunct career

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis-LOL but did you call Kandi Crash Bandicoot????

Lauren said...

Hey diva!!!!! It's Lauren your "Friend in My Head.” How U Doin? Hahahaha. Omg it’s been a MINUTE since I've commented on your blog (any blog for that matter bc I don't really comment lol) I just like to stop by and see what I've missed! How are you? Ok clearly you’re on twitter and I love all the twitter quotes #FAIL....lmao. And maybe you have been using twitter tweets & I’m just now getting on the scene lol. Wow so LOTS to talk about! Omg LOVED all your TV recaps!! RHWOA yup I'm watching lol!!! Love it. Ummm yea I agree with what basically everyone said, Phaedra, no honey. I was cracking up at that baby shower WTF was that???? Sick! O wow you thought Lisa was boring huh lol. On their FB Fan page, people r wishing for Lisa to come back lmao. But she was kinda boring but I liked her personality, she was sweet, but oh well, we want to see the drama! I like Cynthia but why did her "younger" sister look like her mother? #justsaying. And why has she been engaged 3x? She said something like "I like it when men want to marry me." Once she gets the ring she doesn’t go through the wedding? Her guard is probably up. She's cool & I like her but her boyfriend looks like her father! She’s an attractive woman she can’t find a man around her age? He looks way too old for her, but hey maybe he got or does something for her we don't know about lol. Good for her. I sill like NeNe but I'm not sure why she got all that plastic surgery. When I saw her & Sheree on Wendy about 3 weeks ago they both looked great. NeNe lost weight & she looks good. God bless her....

Lauren said...

Oh yea and Kim, poor poor Kimmy, looking like she 45 with that face & tired weave, geez. I like when her dad said "if u step foot in a church it will probably come crashing down" or something to that affect. Yea her mom looked dumb old but Kim is probably hitting 50 by now lol. Why does she continue to wear that same long tired ass weave, #FAIL. Media takeout (yes I read that mess sometimes unfortunately lol) has pics of Kim w/out her weave she actually does look better. Omg but back to Phaedra, hopefully that's not really who she is when the cameras aren’t rolling and is just "acting" for ratings bc she really needs to stop. She says racist comments on the show about how white ppl are raised and although we as blacks say & believe that, we do it amongst each other not on national TV. I didn’t know her husband was half white. Why didn’t they have these discussions about how they want to raise their children BEFORE they got married? It’s like sweetie you knew his background & where he came from since yall were teens so why are you acting brand new now? Smh. Please go sit your self-absorbed behind down somewhere. Do you watch the Beverly hills housewives? I actually thought they were gonna be barbie plastic like the OC one (OC is the only 1 I couldn't get into) but I actually like the Beverley Hills one! So I tune in for that & now that Jersey shore is off I can focus on Beverly Hills lol. I loved NY & NJ ones lol. Anyway, "The Glam Squad" I watch & I LOVE that show! On Oxygen its called "House of Glam" comes on Tues nights at 10 after that horrific Bad Girls club. I used to watch that show but these seasons girls r pretty nasty & pretty hard to stomach. I've seen a few of this seasons episodes & I wasn't impressed. But House of Glam I really liked and I agree with your comment where they need to style artists who are relevant lol. But tell me why Russell Simmons new show starts this Tues at 10??? So I'm like wait what does that mean for House Of Glam? Is it going off?? I hope not bc the show just started a few weeks ago & I want to see more of it! So idk if it will be coming on Oxygen with new episodes anymore. Although I will be watching the new Russell Simmons show the promo for it has been crazy lol. Ohhhhh The Game is coming back on Jan 11th 2011? Yay! It’s about freakin time!!! Lol. Thank you so much for letting us know! Can’t wait! Aww now I miss that show “Girlfriends.” Sorry for the long post, I keep meaning to send u an e-mail so I can follow you on Twitter do you follow NeNe? Her tweets while they show is airing? Hilarious. "Who wouldn't wanna breath" LOL that comment still cracks me up. Oh and I finally watched the 34 mini Video of Kanye’s Runway tonight. I loved it. I love Kanye. Lata Diva!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Lauren
Long time no chat, how are you?
Yes, I'm on twitter- what's your name? Or email me and tell me. Yes housewives of ATL- what a I miss Girlfriends too but the woman who played Joan (diana ross' daughter) I just forgot her real but she is getting a show on BET soon and it's all about her. I can't wait for the game to return. I watched the first episode of the Russel Simmons show and I will likely watch future episodes. I have a feeling that crap is but whatever. lol