Thursday, October 7, 2010

Voluminous Mascara, Black Maple & Beemine Juicy Spritz review

Hello Everyone
While taking my usual stroll through CVS, the highly reflective gold packaging of Loreal's voluminous million lashes mascara caught my eye. I had to buy the $8.99 mascara, there was just no way around
This mascara promises to add volume to your lashes while leaving the clumping behind. Before even showing my lashes I have to say that I agree with Loreal, that this is a no clumps mascara. When you pull the wand out of the tube, it makes that sound of a suction cup being removed from some surface. It's like it sucks the excess formula off of the wand so that you have a relatively clean wand, just enough mascara to coat your lashes but not enough to clump them.

Here is the wand-

Let's check out my naked lashes.


Now with just ONE coat of the voluminous mascara


I also picked up black maple lipstick from the Bobbi Brown Black Velvet collection. Watch the video to hear my thoughts on the other lipsticks from the Black Velvet collection.

And on my lips

Below is the video review of the Beemine Juicy Spritz.

Thanks for watching and reading.



Anonymous said...

i really HATE that excess on the end of mascara wands. im going to have to pick this up.

Traycee said...

I must try the mascara.....Thanks

justme said...

i love that mascara!