Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Sephora Makeup Kit

(Click on any of the pictures for a better look)
Once you look past the bad lighting and dust particles, you will notice the latest Sephora makeup kit in the picture above.

Here is another picture of the case with the legs of the case collapsed.

The latest kit will be released in October but Sephora provided Sephora VIB members with exclusive access to tihs kit about two- three weeks ago for a limited time. I hope this review will help you to decide if this kit will be worth your $49 in October.

Since I am starting to think about wearing eyeshadows on occasion, I thought it would be worth it to get this kit which features the following:

96 eye shadows
84 lip glosses
3 blushes
1 bronzer
6 cream eyeliners
1 mascara
2 pencil eyeliners (brown &black)
4 different application brushes and a full length mirror

Take a closer look at the eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzer. The eyeshadow trays slide out to reveal 84 lip glosses as shown in the picture above.

(click the pictures for a better view)
Take a look as I swatch the blue and a yellow eyeshadow.

When I tried to transfer the color from my finger to my hand, it just didn't look as bright(especially the blue):

Some of the eyeshadows are really pigmented while others well- not so much. I think some of the colors, like the yellow, look really bright in the palette but then once it's on your face it rubs of way too easily and it's too light. Here is a yellow/ green / blue look that I tried on my eye. Notice how you barely see the other colors, and I put on a good amount of yellow to get it to even show up as much as it did on my eye. You barely even see the other colors on my eye so that was a bit frustrating. I didn't have on a base because I wanted to see what the colors would look like alone. You can ignore the light blue liquid liner on my eye, it is also a Sephora product but it didn't come with the kit so I will discuss that in another post.

Yes, I know the application isn't great, but I'm new at this lol #DontJudgeMe
Regarding the lip glosses, about 16 of the 84 are very sheer but the rest are pretty well pigmented. Here is an example- if you look at the purple lip gloss that is in the picture below,
(the one that has some purple drippings outside of the circle) then look at my lips you will see how well it applies.

This lip gloss formula is not sticky so that's an added bonus. On a sticky scale of 1-10 (10 being the stickiest), this lip gloss weighs in at about a 2.

Take a look at the mini brushes that come with the kit


The mascara seems a bit dry, the cream liners seem to apply better on my fingers than my eyes. The pencil liners are basic, they get the job done but not in a smooth way. Overall you get enough lip gloss colors to keep yourself busy for a while. If you are interested more in the eyeshadows I say try another kit. However, if you are just getting your feet wet and you want many different colors without investing in expensive palettes then feel free to pick this one up.

Since I only paid $49 I won't cry about it too much especially because I snagged so many glosses out of this deal, but the eyeshadow are simply weak- they look better in the palette than on my lids.
Were you one of the early birds who picked up this Sephora kit? What is your favorite eyeshadow brand?


Tiffany said...

Great review. I always get frustrated buying kits that don't give me the look I want.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Tiffany
Thanks for reading the post- sorry for the typo in the post.
Which makeup brands do you like?

Phyllis Bourne said...

I've been oggling this kit online all week. May get it just for the glosses