Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saved by the MAGNET-UPDATE

I have seen all of the exciting nail designs that people have been sporting recently and I even got in on the crackle craze. While the crackle polish helped me to achieve a unique look, I found that you had to find the right combination of base coat and crackle to achieve a look that didn't make your nails look like you were wearing 14 day old nail polish. Needless to say, I needed a new look for my nails, but I knew creating cute looks with a nail design pen would be out of the question. So my shaky hands prevented me from showing off my own nail swag.
In a recent video (video part 3), I shared my review of the lackluster holographic polish produced by the company Nails Inc. London, so when I saw their magnetic polish I was beyond skeptical. This magnetic polish is supposed to give you a special effect on your nails by allowing a magnet to do all of the hard work. No need to use a nail design pen or any other tools to create a neat professional looking nail design. Thanks to the $16 magnetic polish all you need is the polish itself and the accompanying magnetic cap.

Check out my magnetic nails-
Available in three colors, purple, silver and gold, I decided to give the purple a shot.
What to do
You simply apply the polish as you normally would- it will look like regular polish initially. Immediately after applying the polish to your nail you will use the special magnetic cap with the cuticle guide to begin creating the design. What I referred to as the cuticle guide is simply a curved raised edge on the top of the nail polish cap which helps you to line the magnet up with your nails. (Click on the pictures for a better view)

The nail polish actually has two caps, one that closes the polish bottle and the outer cap which features the cuticle ridge and magnet. See the complete package below.

If you click on the picture below you will see that the pattern is different on two of my nails:

I was moving the cap a bit while it was over my index finger and the design came out on an angle. I held the cap steady over my thumb and I got this perfectly centered chevron like design. This lets me know that if I want to get really fancy, I may want to try a little wiggly motion over my nails to see if I get a varied look.

Don't put the magnet too close to your nails or you will watch the polish lift up and adhere to the magnet. Even though the polish can be easily cleaned off of the magnet you will undoubtedly smudge your nails in the process. Practice will make perfect until you figure out the perfect magnet to nail distance.
This polish does what it says and after applying a top coat it really did look like a professional job. In the pictures please note that the smudges are due to falling asleep not long after my final application.
Thanks to Nails Inc London I have been able to breathe new life into what was my dying nail swag game.
Additional Info
You may also like to know that some of the Nail Inc polishes are paraben free. It didn't specifically state that about these magnetic polishes but I certainly didn't see any parabens on the list of ingredients.
I just tried this out recently and I wanted to share this new product with you so I can not attest to the longevity of the polish. I will update this post to let you know how many days it remained on my nails. So far so good...I'm two days in and counting....
UPDATE- This polish lasted for 8 days on my nails- I only took it off because I was tired of it looking at

I will likely demonstrate the use of this polish in my next video.
I picked this up from Sephora but you can also purchase it directly from the Nails Inc London site.
Thanks for reading.

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