Friday, June 22, 2012

Sheer Cover Review

I'm sure we have all had a blemish or two that we just wanted to cover up before stepping out of the front door. Sheer coverage created a dual  sided concealer that you can use to cover up such blemishes. I received my Sheer Cover sample in my Influenster May box. I do not wear concealer but I was willing to give it a fair shot since it was provided in my box, however the darkest shade available was still not suitable for matching my skin tone. I received a sample in "dark"as shown in the above picture.

Let's first take a look at  a swatch of this concealer on my hand.
In this first picture I had the flash on my camera turned ON.

Here is the swatch with the flash turned OFF to enable you to get a better view of the shades.
 I tried to mix the colors to match my skin perfectly and this was the result.

At this point you're probably saying that this product matches my skin well. Well wait just one minute and let me know what you think after you see a picture taken with the flash turned ON.
At a slightly different angle and with my flash on, you clearly see the problem. I had the same experience on my leg when I turned the flash on and off. While this product feels unbelievably silky on my skin, and it can even withstand water being drizzled over my skin, the ashy appearance just wasn't acceptable. So this product will be a no go for me until there is a shade that matches my skin much better.
I do love the simple application of this product, the consistency is smoother than butter. The product also includes  jojoba oil which I appreciate.
Sheer Cover is priced at $29.95 for the introductory system.
You can see if Sheer Cover provides a shade that will work for you by heading over to their site after clicking here.
Have you ever tried Sheer Cover? If so what is your take on the product.

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