Saturday, September 4, 2010

A mini haul and Cake Beauty

This is my review of the Cake Beauty Body Scrub. I will also show you my latest Bee Mine purchases.


BeautyXchangeGirl said...

Hi PJD! I was thoroughly amused by this video from the start with your description of that lady not spreading the word about the free lipsticks at Clinique. Too funny! I never heard of Cake Beauty until now & from the looks of your review the scrub is not worth it. I purchased a pretty good scrub for no where near the cost of $30 at Walmart - it's a brand called Tree Hut and they're pretty good. They are also sold at Ulta.

justme said...

you know i am waiting on you to talk tv, lol. the part 2 reunion, lol

what do you end up doing with the products that you dont like? do you send them back? throw them away?

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey BEautyXchangeGirl thanks for your kind words.I have heard of the tree hut and I am pretty sure I have even picked up a jar of their product but never made a purchase...thanks for letting me know :-)
Just me If I don't like a product I will jsut give it to someone else. Sometimes I will try to see if the product can be used in another way or I will add another item to the product to improve it.