Thursday, January 13, 2011

Frugality gets a makeover

For me, the word frugal evokes the image of a dowdy cat lady who pinches pennies. The word just isn't appealing, that is until author, journalist, and financial extraordinaire Natalie McNeal gave the word a makeover. The originator of the word "Frugalista" and creator of the blog The Frugalista Files has finally shown the world how to live life fabulously while on a budget.
I couldn't stop sending Natalie tweets when I first started reading through her book, The Frugalista Files.
What I love most about this book is that it isn't some stuffy lecture style Suzie Orman (yes I said it) book about financial responsibility. Instead it is one woman's journey to financial freedom while attending charity events, networking, looking great on a budget and hanging out with friends and family.
Like me, you may not have financial problems, so why read the book? This book fully encompasses what it means to go on a journey of any sort. Instead of focusing just on finances alone, Natalie takes us through her experiences in navigating her relationships with men, valuing her family & friends, and keeping her balance in an unsteady job market all while facing sky high bills. Some relationships changed while others were strengthened as she stopped leading a financially promiscuous lifestyle. This tongue in cheek book is peppered with suggestions that you can implement TODAY while trying to save a dime. Natalie cleverly weaves in the tips and tricks of saving money throughout this book without ever breaking the rhythm of her writing.
I like that it is also a book about a woman who briefly looks into her past to find out how she had landed herself in deep financial waters . She also had to make some tough decisions about living out what had become her vision for her life, versus staying in a somewhat predictable career path that would earn her a steady paycheck. Haven't we all been there a time or two? We can't all be a fly by the seat of your pants, Denise Huxtable type of gal, so throwing caution to the wind by jumping into a venture that may or may not pay your bills is frightening. Each section of this book is written as a page out of Natalie's diary with dates and all so you feel like a fly on the wall in her life.
I think everyone can benefit in some way from reading this book, it's a page turner!
Available now in stores and online through , and other online bookstores.

Have you read this book?

How do you remain frugal and fabulous?


Just_Wondering said...

Hey Girl,
I haven't heard of the this particular book but I can honeslty say that many of use would benefit from reading it. This past Sunday I was hit with something that I thought was interesting. If you take a look at someone's bank account you have a good idea as to what they consider to be most important. I was thinking how amazingly true that really is. Whatever you spend your money on is really a good indication of what you think is important.

I can say that I will spend money if I have to and will cut corners. I know what it's like to have very little and to have enough to spend, then have left over in the bank. I tend to stay away from the stores or make a desicion not to buy by reminding myself that I have crazy amounts of clothes. If I do buy something its usually not very expensive. But when I do need something I'm not afraid to spend.

I think a lot of people need advice on how to handle their expenses because a lot of us are living on zero. So it Frugality is the key then I think this particular book is an excellent start in the right direction!

Frugalista said...

Hey PJD:

Thank you so much for this beautiful review and buying my book! I can't express it in words.

@Just Wondering: You make an excellent regarding priorities and bank accounts. You sound like a Frugalista to me!

MochaBelle said...

Heyy I like Suze Orman because she went from being homeless to financially secure and sometimes you need a reality check in the harshest way to wake up to mistakes that can hurt you and your family down the road....However, I am excited to see a book on the market written by someone of color as a narrative of her progress through her journey to financial stability.

The majority of my friends DON'T read finance books because they think they need an Economics degree to do so or don't really think they have financial issues.

I haven't read the book yet, but will be getting it soon and doing a review on my website.....I may even offer one to a reader of mine!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Just Wondering- I agree with the Frugalista you do sound like a frugalista!
Frugalista- It was such a pleasure reading your book.
Hey MochaBelle My comment was really said in jest lol, I know Suzie has an interesting story to tell. However when you compare the two ladies, the Frugalista presents the material in a more appealing way- in my humble opinion. If you do pick it up please, please, please let me know what you think. :-)
I think if your friends were to start reading financial books, they would want to read the Frugalista's book first. It's a great way to get started.
thanks for checking in ladies.