Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Game and Everything Else

I don't recall anticipating the return of a television show as much as I've been eagerly awaiting the return of The Game. So there I sat swaddled in my warm winter covers as I watched the surprising twists and turns in the show's premier episode. Originally I thought they would pick up right where they left off, but then where would the growth have been? During the show's time off the air the producers pressed fast forward and returned the characters to us two years into the future. Derwin's baby is no longer in Janae's womb, instead we have a fully developed bouncing baby boy who gets bathed by Melanie and cuddled by his dad Derwin. The introduction of baby Derwin wasn't the only difference, Melanie and Derwin now have real money, as indicated by references to his endorsement deals and their lavish pad. Kelly has caught the reality show bug as she allows camera crews to follow her every move. She is also intent on doing everything possible to get under her ex husband's skin namely by spending his money. Their daughter, Brit Brat, has been a victim of the old tv switch - a-roo having been replaced by a new girl who seems to be a teenager. Wasn't the original Brit Brat like 10 years old, but this new gal looks much older and she doesn't even resemble the old Brit. Well at least a kid has a job and they didn't pull the old Family Matters trick by completely removing the character as if she never existed.
Melanie is still pushy, and passively demanding but happily married to Derwin. She still allows the comments of others to push her to the brink of her own destruction. After a few taunts from Momma Mac, Melanie decides to secretly have a DNA test run on baby Derwin. The results come back confirming Melanie's hope that the baby doesn't belong to Derwin. Against his wishes she shares the results with Derwin only to learn that the original results were wrong and the baby does indeed belong to Derwin. After Derwin's tearful moment over the original DNA results Melanie never reveals that the baby is his son....and so the deception begins! Melanie has her ideal life, the baby is gone since Derwin doesn't believe he is his and Melanie can move on but she knows this lie will always haunt her.
The biggest character change may have come from Malik. Although he had always been self centered and sarcastic there was always this glimmer of something good deep deep within. Now, he is portraying a callous cold character who seems to be devoid of emotion. He did TT wrong.....
I love the new blood by way of Terrance J of 106 and Park and the two timing lady lover played by Meghan Good. It seems like Terrance's character may have a thing for older ladies but he convinces Tasha that he is totally into her and only her. After all, he mentioned that he had been with Tasha for an entire month...smh. lol. I'm not one to knock anyone's May -December relationship but I liked Tasha with Rick Fox because he showed personal growth and I was hoping Tasha would too. I think we will see Foxy again, what do you think?
I do hope they add more depth to Meghan's character because at this point the part could have been played by any random tv extra.
Oh and Jason Pitts seems like a free agent, not sure if he's still on those steroids. I missed the first 6 minutes of the show.
So many people were worried about the show maintaining the quality that we had become accustomed to especially since BET is the devil and all, but they have done a great job thus far.
I am by no means disappointed with the new season and I am pleased that they have had a successful return.
What did you think about the first episode?

Let's Stay Together
If you changed the channel after The Game aired last night, you're smarter than I am
you missed the new show "Let's Stay Together". If you were on twitter you likely saw phrases like "Let's Get Cancelled", "Let's Not" and other comical titles. I didn't laugh once so I hope the show isn't supposed to be a comedy. I do like that we have some rarely seen and never before seen fresh faces on the show.
I think first episodes on any show should always leave the audience wanting more, but this show just left me feeling regretful over how I could have made better use of my time. Let's Stay Together is about an engaged couple, a married couple and a single woman who has had a string of unhealthy relationships. That in itself shows that the program has a measure of potential but the writers just didn't do enough with the script. We learned that the married husband wants to explore his passion to be a lounge performer instead of staying with his current gig as a legal aid. His wife is lustful over all things expensive but I'm not sure why as she doesn't seem to work. As for the engaged couple the husband is younger than his fiancee, not that I learned that little nugget of information DURING the show, but I heard about it in some interview they did. Anywhoo the engaged couple well I don't really know much about their relationship and apparently the woman doesn't either because she seemed surprised to learn that he had trouble being faithful in his past relationships. Whomp! Just when they were getting to hash out their issue on episode one, I think I blinked and missed the happy ending last night. As for the single sister ,well I like Erica Hubbard and I enjoyed her on Lincoln Heights but this show may not be the platform for her. As for Ron Reaco, it was nice to see him again because I hadn't seen him since he played Tia's HS drop out turned mechanic boyfriend on Sister sister.
I wanted this show to work, I really did but I don't know it they can weather the storm of criticism I am sure they will encounter.
BET before you push out another show, just call me and I will watch the show and tell you what's wrong with it because clearly your writers have lost touch with the funny. Ok so even if you don't call me, have a small test with a group of people whom you consider to be your target demographic. Just do something before you get my hopes all high only to release a dud.
I think I will catch a few more episodes just to give them ratings, at least I will try to even though that plan didn't quite work out for the now cancelled Undercovers.
If you watched, what are your thoughts?
Side Note to Boris K. modeling only, rapping (click the link and move it to the 6:40 minute mark), and acting is a no no unless you're playing opposite your real like wife Nicole Ari Parker. Did you read that interview where he said he wants to be respected not for his looks but for his acting ability? Well then get an acting coach so I can respect you, heck read lines with your wife - do something because you still don't fully open your mouth when you speak and you bore me as an actor. Cute face though- thanks and goodnight to you sir.

BasketBall Wives
Evelyn, Evelyn, Evelyn, where for art thou tongue? This lady was instantly mute when Tami launched into a bare foot, outraged, food stamp supporting tirade all in Jen's face. Evelyn the tough girl from the Bronx said not a word that would get Tami more upset, she just tried to peacefully end the disturbance. Hummm I guess she forgot she's from the Bronx. If anyone thought that Tami was tacky and inappropriate, she confirmed all suspicions as she went crazy during a charity event. Ummm can we really call it a charity event when only five people were in attendance?
We got a chance to see Ashley again since she was the organizer of the event, but I am a little confused by her. Ashley did the right thing by not inviting the drama twins Evelyn and Jen but she seems to answer far too many questions for women who are not her friends. Oh yeah and the most confusing of all is that she said she invited people who could and would support the charity through donations but broke as a joke Tami was invited- huh??? Maybe Ahsley was just being nice on that account, but she should have had security help Jen and Evelyn find the door once she saw they were in the house.
Suzie- I understand her desire to flee from drama but at the same time she was enjoying herself so why leave just because the grouch entered the building?
Royce, I love that she put her tiny 5 digits right back in Tami's face at the event.
Tami is a mess, there is no other word that can be used to describe her behavior. She clearly knows neither the time nor the appropriate place to hash out differences with her cast members Perhaps the same problem emerged during her marriage...just saying. She also showed that she is a fast loud mouth by telling Evelyn and Jen why they weren't invited as if Ashley who was standing right there couldn't express that herself. Tami was also wearing a dress from Rainbow- the end.
Shaunie it's called separation, you did it with your husband initially so you understand the rules, now just apply it to your toxic best friends.
Next week will have the moment I've been waiting for Mr. Give it to them straight Eric Williams will join his wife Jen in therapy. I hope he lays down the verbal smack down..lol
What Chilli Wants
A midget with money- case closed. She likes Floyd very much but he's just not that into her. He likes to have her around but he won't marry her. He gives her HS - excuse me, Junior High School excuses to avoid committing himself to her. He took her on a date to six flags but I wouldn't really call it a date since all of his friends were there PLUS chilli..lol He wasn't even taking the time to walk with her, I think she is just one of the boys to Floyd. She also doubles as his back up plan in case he decides to wed years from now in his old age.
Love that Girl
Tatiana recently did an interview explaining that her show Love that girl will be back on the air soon. Who asked for the return of that show, it was HORRIBLE to say the least. Oh well- anyone going to watch it?
What are you watching on the tube?


TrendySocialite said...

The game is no longer a sitcom, it is a dramedy. The comedy writing was weak. The story lines predicatble: cheating, sex, secrets, revenge. Kelly is doing an interesting satirical look at caucasian women and their relationships with black men. It was just ok...

I will not watch Let's Stay Together. I knew from watching the promos that I wouldn't like it. Bad acting and bad hair.

Basketball Wives is another train wreck of a show. Those women have no means of making a name for themselves except by making a fool of themselves.

I watched a few episodes of That's My Girl or whatever that show is called...eh, it was alright.


Let me get this out the way...Let's Stay Together is not gonna be around too long! Come on now..they have to do better!

Basketball Wives...they make us look bad! I mean how ghetto can u get! No class at all...

The Game...They came back hard! Omg my husband threaten to turn the TV off 3x's if I didn't calm down! LOL...I was hyped up! The drama was off the hook! The characters are on a whole new level! Yeah baby they out did themselves! Can't wait until next week!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Trendy Socialite I agree that I did see a few things coming, but for some reason I wasn't bothered by it..maybe I was just overly desirous of having non reality tv in my life! Let's stay together - I won't even go there again..lol
Hey Mrs. Scents-I wonder how long BET will keep the show around- I'm not one to stand in the way of someone's paycheck but the clock is ticking on "Let's stay together". LOL @ your husband's threat. BBall wives and Football wives- disgraceful - yet I'm still watching BBwives..lol


I watch Football Wives too but its not as bad as the BB Wives. Pilar is gonna be Pilar no matter what! Lol

My teenage girls now call me Mama Tasha Mack after last night! They say I act like her...oh boy! I hate to admit I kinda do but keep that on the hush....lol

Let's Stay Together could have potiental if they write it over.

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Toya of The Limerick Lane said...

I enjoyed The Game. I hate it when we are so critical of our own shows especially when we don't have that many to choose from. The second show I haven't had a chance to watch although I DVR'd it. I didn't like Girlfriends when it 1st aired, but I grew to love it!! We should give both shows a chance!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Toya
I agree that we certainy do not have many shows to choose from but I also think they we have to push for quality programming. I also agree that we should give new shows a chance which is why I tuned in to the second episode of let's stay together. Please check it out and let me know what you think. For me, the second episode was better than the first but still not good.
Thanks for reading!

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