Friday, January 8, 2010

Shescentit review, a Youtube Contest, They're Back and Pepa & Jacque?

Below is a video review of the SheScentit coco creme leave in conditioner. I like this product! I also show my little Afroveda haul.
I hope you have a great Friday and weekend.

Rosalyn Scents Contest
Rosalyn scents is giving you an opportunity to win prizes and get your Youtube fame on! If you enter her contest, which requires you to post a video showcasing your personality, you will win a Rosalyn Scents goodie bag and your video will be featured on her youtube channel. For more details click here.

They're Back
Many of us may remember watching Martin each week as he juggled his relationship with his wife Gina and close friends on the hit show Martin. If you have waited patiently to see if Martin Lawrence would return to the small screen, you don't have to wait any longer- he's backkkkkkkk. This time around he is working in a different capacity, serving as the executive producer of a new tv series, "Love That Girl", staring another person who has been missing from the small screen, Tatiana Ali! We all remember her as Ashley Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, don't we? Well this now 30 something (time flies) Harvard educated, entrepreneur will be back to work on our tv screens this month. She is going to play a divorced woman who is putting her life back on track as her brother comes to live with her...I suppose comedy will ensue. Having Martin as the executive producer is sure to round up a few laughs. I can't wait to get my giggle on, on January 19th on TVOne the fun begins. The show will air for three consecutive nights and then it will continue on every Tuesday. I am DEFINITELY watching, but will you check it out? Do you have the station TV One?
Can't wait until January 19th? Well you can catch Tatiana Ali on HER show Buppies, a web series that will only appear on the BET website. On the show, Buppies (black yuppies) deal with everyday issues all while living posh lifestyles.
Tatiana is the executive producer and this project is from her entertainment company which she runs with her sister.
Check the webisodes here.

(picture courtesy of
I remember watching Jacque Reed as a youngster as she reported the latest news on BET. She began her work there after Tavis Smiley was released (what a sad day that way for me).
Side note- I used to stay up as a kid to watch Tavis dish out the facts and his opinion to whomever was on his panel. I would wait to see if he would use any words I didn't know. In my book when it came to tv personalities, tavis was the MAN. I would then turn to Bill Maher to watch his commentary...yeah I know, I was a wierd Now back to my regularly scheduled post hehehe
Who knew that Pepa , of Salt and Pepa, had been friends all this time with former BET reporter Jacque Reed. Well apparently that is the case, and she has two other reporters to round out her gaggle of close gal pals. One thing that they all have in common is that fact that they want a man, although their reasons for wanting Mr. Right may be different, they all want one. Same story different players, but I will be tuning in. Pep's new series airs on VH1 on Monday...Will you be watching? For more info check out the article here

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Lee said...

Unfortunately I don't have TV one so I won't be able to catch the Tatiana Ali show. I may check out the Pepa show to see what it's about. I really want to check out the Fantasia show though. That should really be interesting.